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Library Instruction for the Community

Visitation Policy for the Community: Community Colleges, K-12 Schools or non-affiliate groups of CU.


If you wish to bring a class or small group to visit the University Libraries, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines.


  1. Scheduling
  2. Contact us at least two weeks in advance at 303-492-7094 so that we may offer planning advice. Due to budget limitations, library staff are no longer able to routinely provide organized tours or instruction sessions.

  3. Timing for your visit
  4. The best times for visits are during the University's interim periods, spring break, and summer sessions. Also possible are the months of November and April. The worst times for visits are the months of September, October, and February, as these periods are exceptionally busy research periods on campus. During these months, books, rooms, and computer terminals are very heavily used and frequently unavailable. Also, most service desks are exceptionally busy at these times, and visiting students may not receive the attention they need in order to ensure a successful research experience. Please note that we cannot accommodate group visits on Reading Day or during Finals Week in deference to the stressful time this is for students and faculty alike on the University campus.

  5. Size of the group
  6. The Libraries can successfully accommodate group sizes of 20 individuals or less if you plan to have students engage in research. Please arrange for two visits if you have more than this number of students. If you only wish for a simple tour of the facilities, numbers can be higher.

  7. Borrowing materials

    With some exceptions, library materials may be used within the library by anyone. If you wish to take items outside the library, you must apply for borrowing privileges.

  8. University Libraries policy specifies that borrowers must be Colorado residents and 18 years of age or older to check out library materials as public patrons. To find out more about printing and scanning services, please visit http://ucblibraries.colorado.edu/about/imaging.htm.

  9. Help for the visit

    School librarians and/ or teachers should accompany visiting. We recommend exploring the following help pages to become familiar with the libraries:

  10. Parking on campus

    On-campus parking is extremely limited both days and nights. We encourage all visitors to carpool or take mass transit when visiting the University Libraries.