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Book Drops: after hours

During library hours, please return books and materials to the appropriate library circulation desk. It is acceptable to return borrowed books to any of the University Libraries. You can also return books through campus and regular mail services.


After hours, you may use the outside book drops:

Business Library has a 24/7 information commons book drop. The Business Commons is 24/7, is accessible after hours by swiping your Buff One card.


Earth Sciences and Maps Libraries have an external book drop in the airlock entry on the south side of the building. It is not accessible if the outside doors of the building are locked but it is accessible some of the hours the library is not open. Maps should not be returned in the external book drop.


Engineering, Mathermatics and Physics Library has a drive-up, outdoor book drop located on the west side of the Mathematics Building.


Law Library has a book drop inside the Wolf Law Building. Accessible when the building is open.


Music Library has an indoor book drop on north end, first floor of the College of Music Building by the elevator. Please always return CDs into the Music Library and please don't return them at any other library.


Norlin Library book drops are located on near both the east and west entrances.