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Libraries Closing Policies

The Chancellor may decide to close the campus early or not open campus offices and departments, provided that "essential services" will be maintained. Essential services are those required to maintain or protect the health or physical well-being of campus personnel. Local news media are notified of Campus closings and the University Hotline, 303-492-INFO, provides a recorded message. The University Libraries will be closed on days when the campus is closed before regular opening hours.

Norlin Library will remain open with minimal staffing, primarily the Security Office and the Circulation Department, until 10 pm during the regular academic year. Branch Libraries, in consultation with the Senior Associate Dean of Libraries, may close earlier if it is impossible to maintain minimal staffing. Appropriate informational messages will be available on voice mail and Chinook.

Examples of emergency conditions include (but are not limited to)

Snow, ice, flood, power failure, explosion, or extreme heat or cold.

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