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EndNote Information

EndNote is used by "researchers, scholarly writers, students, and librarians ... to search online bibliographic databases, organize their references and images, and create bibliographies and figure lists instantly."


There are two kinds of connections through EndNote.


There is a way for you to connect to the University of Colorado catalog through EndNote. This is just the catalog - our books and journals etc. - NOT the journal databases.  To connect, open EndNote, choose Tools --> Connect, and then from the connections list, choose "U of Colorado-Boulder."  A search box will appear.  Typing search terms into this box will search our university catalog, just as if you were searching here: http://libraries.colorado.edu.  Any results to get for any search can be very quickly and easily downloaded into an EndNote database.  There are no passwords or permissions required for this method, since the catalog is publicly available for free.

EndNote has a feature that is designed to allow you to connect not only to our library catalog, but also to our article databases, such as Historical Abstracts, Early English Books Online, JSTOR, etc.  


This feature, unfortunately, does not function with any CU databases.  The reason is that the feature relies on the library using passwords to get all their patrons into databases, every time they use one.  For most circumstances *except* EndNote, this is a huge pain for users.


CU subscribes to hundreds and hundreds of different databases, and trying to maintain a system of password authentication for every database and every student, faculty, or staff member is a prohibitively daunting task.  As a result, we use a (usually) much more effective method of allowing users access to databases based on their IP address, or the location of the computer they are using.  If the computer is on campus or connected through campus authentication systems, access is seamless and requires no password.  Unfortunately EndNote is not programmed to function with this kind of authentication.  To make a long story short, we don't have any passwords to our databases because we don't use passwords to authenticate.  


The EndNote connection file for databases can only enter databases with the password function, and therefore it is impossible to use that function with any of our databases.  It might be helpful to know, however, that many of our databases can export citations for you in EndNote format, so that you can export them from the database and into EndNote without having to do all the data entry yourself.

For further information, please contact:

Jennifer Knievel
Humanities Reference and Instruction Librarian
University of Colorado at Boulder