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Food and Drink Policy

Food and drink are allowed in some, but not all, areas within University Libraries. The following policy primarily applies to areas in Norlin Library.


The introduction of food and drink to the stacks areas of the library may pose a threat to the collections because the residue of food and sugary drinks attracts bugs and mice. Be respectful of those around you and respectful of library materials and furnishings. You can help preserve the collections for future generations by complying with the Libraries’ food and drink policy outlined below:


    • Covered drinks are welcome in most areas of Norlin Library.

    • Food is to be eaten only in the Commons area and in other clearly designated areas in the library. “Messy” foods, such as ice cream, soup, and greasy foods are not allowed beyond the Commons.

    • Dispose of trash appropriately and take leftovers with you when you leave. Report overflowing trash receptacles.

    • Certain areas (Special Collections, Archives, and some branch libraries) may not allow food or drink of any kind due to the nature of materials in those areas. Please respect posted “No Food or Drink” notices.

    • The Libraries realizes that accidents will happen. If you spill food or drink on a library book, please bring it to Circulation as soon as possible. You will not be charged for damages. The Libraries’ preservation staff will be able to clean the book more easily if they receive the book quickly. If you find damage in a library book you are using, bring it to Circulation as soon as possible.

    • The Libraries reserves the right to ask the patron to remove his or her food and drink from the library.

approved by Council/Cabinet 8/20/2009