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Authenticating for Library Services in Chinook: PIN Code or IdentiKey?

There are two methods by which patrons authenticate themselves in order to use certain library services. In general, CU Boulder faculty, staff, and students must use their campus IdentiKey; all other patrons must use their library ID number and PIN code.


Which Library Services require IdentiKey or PIN code?


You’ll need your IdentiKey or PIN in order to:


  • Access electronic reserves.
  • Access your library account (My Chinook)
  • Place a request in Chinook for a book checked out to someone else
  • Place a request in Chinook for a book located at the PASCAL storage facility
  • Order a book through Prospector
  • Place an Interlibrary Loan Request



What is an IdentiKey?

An IdentiKey account consists of your CU login name and a unique password that is usually different from your e-mail password. IdentiKey accounts play a large role in computing at CU Boulder. An IdentiKey account allows you to:


  • Log into computers in OIT, Housing, and certain other computing labs.
  • Use the campus wireless network.
  • Dial into the modem pools.
  • Log into WebCT.
  • Log into SkillSoft computer based training.
  • Log into the CU WebCal.
  • Log into the student web portal.

The IdentiKey is also used to authenticate you for various Library services (see above).

If I don’t have an IdentiKey, how do I get one?

You must be a student, faculty, or staff at the University. Information on obtaining an IdentiKey may be found at the OIT website or by calling the OIT Service Center at 5-HELP (303-735-HELP).

I have an IdentiKey, but I’ve forgotten what it is. What do I do?

Students: If you know your IdentiKey but have forgotten your password, you can set a new password using the PLUS system. If you are not sure if you even have an IdentiKey, or don’t know your login, or don’t know how to use the PLUS system, contact the OIT Service Center at 5-HELP (303-735-HELP).


Faculty and staff: Contact the OIT Service Center at 5-HELP (303-735-HELP) or, if you know your existing IdentiKey password, you can change it at

PIN Code


What is a PIN code?

A personal identification number (PIN) consists of a series of numbers and/or letters that serves both to authenticate you in the library system and to protect your library account from access by others. The library PIN code can be from 1-30 characters long.

If I don’t have a PIN code, how can I create one?

From the Chinook front page (http://libraries.colorado.edu) click the MY CHINOOK button. This is how you access your library account. Use the PIN code authentication scheme (right side of the screen). If you do not currently have a PIN code, fill in your name and ID number, but leave the PIN field blank. You will be asked to create a PIN code.

I have a PIN code, but I’ve forgotten what it is. What do I do?

Contact the main circulation desk at Norlin library in person or by email (norcirc@colorado.edu) and ask staff to delete your PIN so that you can create a new one. We do not take requests over the phone, as we cannot reliably verify your identity.

For assistance contact the Circulation Department in Norlin Library:

norcirc@colorado.edu | 303-492-7477