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Filming in the University Libraries:
Internal Guidelines for Motion Picture, Video, and Photography

All requests for filming in the Libraries must be submitted at least 3-5 days in advance of the requested filming date to:

Deborah.Fink@colorado.edu, 303-492-8303 or
Libraries Administration 303-492-6897.

Please refer any filming requests to the above in the order listed.


Before approving any requests, the above will confer, as appropriate, with the head of security and heads of areas affected by the request.  Campus and/or University authorization may be required.

The Libraries List will be notified in advance of scheduled filming.


Any questions or concerns during a film shoot may be referred to any of the above.


It is always appropriate to ask a filming individual/crew to pause, move, or stop if you feel that the activity is interfering with normal Libraries business.  Film crews will be instructed to check in at Security upon arrival in Norlin.  Questions, concerns, or verification may be addressed to Security.


In branch libraries, filmers are responsible for determining with whom to check in upon arrival. 


When requesting permission to film, crews will be informed that the University Libraries is not a movie set, and that appropriate working, research, and study conditions must be steadfastly and respectfully maintained for employees and library users at all times.  Film crews must abide by all University and Libraries policies and regulations at all times and leave Libraries premises exactly as found.  We may require the presence of Libraries security or other personnel during filming, and we may require that any cost be covered by the filmer.


FYI, for nonprofit purposes, it is not illegal to film an individual in a public facility without permission, although common courtesy dictates that permission should be requested.  It is not acceptable to film individuals in a private facility, even one within a public building (e.g., the Laughing Goat in Norlin). Our policy does ask filmers to refrain from filming people without their awareness or permission and notes that they must also comply with University photo release requirements when people are included.


The Policy/Requirements for permission to film in the Libraries is available at:



approved by Council/Cabinet 12/16/2010