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"Security Information" Pop-up Message in Internet Explorer

The problem
Whenever I access and proceed through the Chinook catalog using Explorer, I get a "Security Information" window that pops up on the screen that says: "This page contains secure and nonsecure items. Do you want to display the nonsecure items?"


It requires me to click a button "Yes" or "No" before I can proceed to the next window in the catalog. Frankly, I find it really frustrating and annoying, because for every new page I go to, I must click through this pop up before I can proceed. Can you fix this?


The solution
You can turn this really annoying security message off by doing the following in Internet Explorer:

  • Click the Tools button
  • Click Internet Options
  • Click the Security tab
  • Click the Custom Level button
  • In the Security Settings dialog box, scroll to the Display mixed content setting in the Miscellaneous section, and then
  • Click Enable
  • Click OK in the Security Settings dialog box, and then
  • Click OK to exit Internet Options

Another option for you is to use Firefox as your browser.