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Study Areas

Group Study Rooms

  • Business Library: Book in advance.
  • Earth Sciences Library: First come, first served.

  • Engineering, Mathematics & Physics Library: First-come, first-served.
  • Norlin Library Building: Book in advance.

Study Areas in Norlin Library and Beyond


  • 1st Floor
  • 2nd Floor
  • 3rd Floor
  • Beyond Norlin
  • Additional Information

Norlin Commons

24/5 study space with 59 iMac dual-boot desktops. Access after hours is by Buff OneCard swipe at the entrance to the Laughing Goat Café. Group study areas are also available and can be booked online.


Science Collection / S180

The perimeter of the room is linked with study tables for quiet study.


Southeast Study Space / E103
This area is near the east entrance and is generally a quiet space.


Southwest Study Room / S116
Located in the southwest corner of the first floor. This group study area offers a wide open room with a relaxed environment. This can get noisy.

Art and Architecture Collection
Offers a quiet study area on the second floor of Norlin's north side.


Periodicals Collection Room
The perimeter of the room is lined with study tables for quiet study.


Research Floor

Study areas are located throughout the Research Floor, including moveable chairs, study desks and 33 computer work stations.


Science Collection
Quiet study areas in the southwest side of Norlin's second floor, including 48 computers.


West Side Study Room
A large quiet study space located in the Circulation Desk area, just opposite Norlin's second floor west entrance.

Study areas are located throughout the perimeter of the third floor.


There is a large study area located in M350, contiguous with the AMRC and the PC Computer Lab. There is also a small study area on the main floor of Gov Info, as well as a few study spaces on the main floor of their book stacks. 


Graduate Study Suite
A study room for graduate students. Carrels are assigned by the Norlin Circulation Desk.


Norlin Stacks
You will find a quiet space and study desks line the east corridor.


Research Floor Overlook
Tables and study carrels line the perimeter of the third floor overlook.


Special Collections
The corridor area outside of Special Collections has numerous large tables and chairs for study. See photo below.

You can also study at one of our branch libraries



The UMC has spaces where students can study. The building extends its hours during finals. Stop by their Euclid Street level information desk for suggestions.

Norlin study area