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Website History

Website 4 -- 2015 -- In progress

A new Drupal-based website is currently in progress.

Website 3 -- 2009 January 20

Taking advantage of improvements in web browsers, we have redesigned our web site to incorporate a new global search feature, drop down menus and rotating news features set in a fresh look and feel.

Website 2 -- 2004 July 1

To make the Libraries web site more user friendly it has been redesigned and rebuilt using Dreamweaver templates, cascading style sheets and server-side includes.

Website 1 -- 1997 April 7

I am really pleased to announce that the Libraries Home pages went live on the CU Boulder Home page today! This was a tremendous effort on the part of many individuals throughout the Libraries over the last six months, and the Web Implementation Group (WIG) committee would like to thank each and every one of you for your time, help, and support in ensuring that this important project was completed. There are well over 650 pages on the site. We have already received favorable comments on the design and the project.


As chair of the committee, I would especially like to thank the libraries web masters, John Dziadecki and Meredith Callahan for their tremendous dedication, creativity and energy that they gave to this project. I would also like to thank all members of the WIG Committee for their work, enthusiasm and effort. I have rarely had the opportunity to work with such an excellent group, and am honored to have worked with them.


Thanks to all for making this project a success.


Lori Arp


Lori Arp, George Brett, Meredith Callahan, John Culshaw, Deborah Fink, Greg Dickinson, John Dziadecki, Liz Icenhower, Peggy Jobe, Suzanne Larsen, Ruth Leahy, Lynne Lyons, Yolanda Maloney, Rob Richards, Ellen Robertson, Lu Wright