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photo: Acquistions

Acquisitions Department

The Acquisitions Department is responsible for acquiring all materials that are added to the Libraries’ collections. This does not include Government Information, Law and archival holdings. These materials are primarily monographic and serial books, but frequently include DVDs, CDs and other formats. Also included are gifts. This involves ordering items bibliographers have requested from vendors all over the world, and receiving the ordered items. We also receive thousands of books each year on our approval plans. Overlying all this is bibliographic searching to find or create a matching record for each item requested and/or received. Finally, the Acquisitions Department is the accounting arm of the library system, keeping track of expenditures, budgets, and vendor payments so that everything balances at the end of each fiscal year.

Items, when they are ordered or received on approval, are entered into the Chinook data base. This is done so that everyone can see if an item is being acquired. Anyone who wants the item can place a hold on it. The Circulation Desk will then notify you when the item is ready for check out.

To request an item: Suggest a Title for Purchase