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Employee Assistance Programs

Programs to help employees:

  1. Colorado State Employee Assistance Program (C-SEAP)

    This is a program to help Colorado State employees with emergency or special assistance needs. The application is reviewed by a committee and grants are given according to the needs outlined in the application. Please call 303-866-4314 when an application is needed.

  2. Metro CareRing
    Metro CareRing is an emergency assistance service for those in need in Metro Denver. We are supported by a partnership of church congregations, other religious groups, individuals, businesses and foundations.” Contact the service as 303-860-7200.

  3. Working Together Foundation
    “Working Together is a non-profit private organization established by state employees and exclusively for state employees. Working Together provides emergency assistance to current or retired state employees in times of crises. One-time grants of up to $500 are provided to help employees with at least six months of state service for basic necessities such as food, clothing, housing, medical expenses. “ Contact the foundation at 303-831-8645.