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Norlin Cleaning Services

Attached are the current cleaning schedules for Norlin Library and what staff should expect to see when the custodial staff are servicing the different space types. Please read the pdf document carefully.


Please note that we in Administration prefer that you e-mail Chanhome.Keovilay@colorado.edu with a copy to Carl.Stewart@colorado.edu with your request for ROUTINE cleaning that has not been done. This way Carl can keep track of problem areas.


Also, please note that if it snows, your weekly cleaning may be delayed until the following week.


Custodial, recycling, solid waste and integrated pest management is provided by Environmental Services -- a division of Facilities Management.

Norlin Cleaning Schedule.pdf
FY 0607 Environmental Services Service Guide

Floor Maps

Norlin Basement 1st Level: small | large
Norlin Basement 2nd Level: small | large
Norlin 1st Floor: small | large
Norlin 2nd Floor: small | large
Norlin 3rd Floor: small | large
Norlin 4th Floor: small | large
Norlin 5th Floor: small | large