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Libraries Committees

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Appeals Committee (faculty)
Facilitates resolution of appeals regarding action of Faculty committees or supervisors that have an impact on individual faculty member's compensation.

Members: Anna Ferris, Katie Lage, Xiang Li, Chris Long, Paul Moeller


Awards & Elections Committee
Responsible for the selection of the recipient of the Ralph E. Ellsworth Award and the elections for Offices and Committees of the Libraries faculty (and for other Libraries Committees on which the faculty has representation).

Members: Alison Hicks, Rebecca Kuglitsch, Xiang Li


Campbell Award for Staff Excellence Committee (staff)
Handles annual nominations and presentations of the Campbell Award for Staff Excellence, an award recognizing a full-time Libraries Staff member for outstanding contributions to the Libraries, includes prize of $1,000 donated from the Dean's account.

Members: Melissa Harden, Jane Zumwaltn


Collections Emergency Response Team
Leads Libraries Collections’ emergency recovery using Libraries’ Emergency Plans. Will participate in training.  Will suggest additions to the Collections Emergency Plan to the Planning Committee or Preservation.

Members: Carl Stewart (Chair), Nicole Blechynden, Dick Bryant, Alicia de Lozano, Erika Klein, Paul Moeller, Brittany Reed, Greg Robl, Laura Wright


Committee of Chairs (faculty)
Oversees, coordinates the business of the Faculty; acts on Faculty's behalf in areas not provided for in Faculty Handbook or areas not within the purview of any Faculty Office, Standing Committee, or Task Force; advises Dean upon Dean's request.

Members: Jennie Gerke (Chair), Juliann Couture, Michael Dulock, Alison Hicks, Thea Lindquist, Walker Sampson


Ellsworth Award Committee

Members: Vicki Gruzynski, Alison Hicks, Xiang Li


Emergency Planning Committee (faculty & staff)
Oversees emergency preparedness planning for the Libraries'. While the Preservation Department has primary responsibility for drafting the planning documents and for emergency response, the Committee reviews these documents and monitors planning progress. The Committee will:


  • Review the Libraries' response to any emergency incidents that occur
  • Coordinate its emergency planning with Campus planning efforts.

Members: Carl Stewart (Chair), Eric Harbeson, Shelley Joy, Lynnette Leiker, Rani Machoi, Leslie J. Reynolds , Hilary Waukau, Curt Williams


Faculty Personnel Committee (faculty)
As an impartial advisory of Libraries Faculty, recommends to Libraries administration regarding appointment, reappointment, promotion in academic rank; represents Libraries Faculty in personnel matters and policies except tenure.

Members: Andrew Johnson, Adam Lisbon, Natalia Tingle, Esta Tovstiadi, Gabby Wiersma


Faculty Secretary
Prepares agendas; presides over regular Libraries Faculty meetings and over special meetings which he/she elects to call.

Member: Jennie Gerke (1 year)


Libraries Staff Association Executive Committee (staff)
Fosters professional development of Libraries Staff; promotes communication within the Libraries Staff Association membership, and on behalf Libraries Staff within the University campus community.

Members: This committee is on hiatus until further notice.


Libraries Symposium Committee
Organizes and schedules a forum in which the libraries can discuss issues of current importance, share research, generate awareness of others’ research agendas, and create a greater esprit de corps within our company of scholars.

Members: Stephanie Bonjack, Walker Sampson, Megan Welsh


Mentoring Committe
The Mentoring Committee is responsible for assigning mentoring groups, developing the mentoring program, evaluating faculty participation, and assessing the effectiveness of the mentoring program.

Members: Juliann Couture (Chair), Jennie Gerke, Barb Losoff


Committee on Recruitment to the Profession of Academic Librarianship
Encourage prospective and current students of CU-B and other Colorado institutions to consider the profession of academic librarianship as a career; promote and coordinate the Provost's Fellowship Program in conjunction with the Graduate Teacher Program; create and manage a clearinghouse to promote and coordinate internship placements in CU-B Libraries for current MLIS students; work with Campus Relations and others to create and maintain digital content, exhibits, displays, seminars, etc. for promoting academic librarianship as a career; explore opportunities for recruitment, teaching, and other forms of partnership with the University of Denver's Program in Library and Information Science and other Library and Information Science Programs; promote academic librarianship through CU-B's Career Services Office; develop a recruitment strategy with Student Supervisors in the University Libraries (e.g. social functions that involve opportunities to discuss careers with student employees); work with the Dean to attract fiscal support for graduate student employees and interns who may in turn decide to pursue a career in the profession.

Members: Jennifer Chan, Juleah Swanson, Megan Welsh


Research Symposium Committee

Members: Stephanie Bonjack, Walker Sampson, Megan Welsh


Social Functions Committee (faculty & staff)
Plans, executes Libraries social functions.

Members: Linda Harkness (Chair), Richard Bryant, Curt Williams


Tenure Committee (faculty)
The body within the Libraries Faculty authorized to vote on decisions relating to tenure, including reappointment, promotion, tenuring of tenure-track faculty; advises on special requests for temporary stoppage of the tenure clock, tenuring, granting of ranks above Assistant Professor or of credit for time toward tenure for faculty being newly appointed; promotes, conducts periodic reviews of tenured faculty; advisory to the Dean and Director of Libraries.

Members: Thea Lindquist (Chair), Anna Ferris, Yem Fong, Jennie Gerke, Barbara Losoff, Bruce Montgomery, Deborah Hollis, Eugene Hayworth, Peggy Jobe, Jennifer Knievel, Katie Lage, Holley Long, Jack Maness, Susan Nevelow Mart, Paul Moeller, Leslie Reynolds, Laurie Sampsel


Tenure Committee Teaching Evaluation Subcommittee

Members: Jennifer Knievel (Chair, Holley Long, Barbara Losoff, Leslie Reynolds