How to get rid of Libraries Equipment and Furniture:

(If you are NOT a Library employee, please contact your property management liason. Check with your department head or dean's office.)

Is the item Libraries computer equipment? If so, contact the Systems Department via e-mail. They may be able to fix it or use it for parts. Otherwise they will contact Shelley Joy about requesting that Property Management remove the item.

Does the item have a CU Tag # (other than computer equipment)? If so, contact Shelley Joy. She will contact Property Management and request that it be removed.

Is the item rented or leased (e.g. a typewriter or Dictaphone)? If so, contact Dan Davidson. He will have it removed by the appropriate agency or department.

Is the item non-tagged furniture or chairs? If so, contact Dan Davidson. He may be able to find someone else to use the item. If not, he will contact Property Management to request removal of the item.

Is the item Libraries phone equipment? If so, contact Rani Machoi at


Phone No.'s:

Dan Davidson    2-6698, email:

Shelley Joy        2-3989, email:

Systems:            email to lib-help at

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