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The University Libraries’ Employee of the Month award is intended to recognize the special effort of faculty, staff, or student employees. The award is granted at the discretion of the Associate Director for Administration. To nominate an employee, please email a letter of support to Leslie J. Reynolds.


November 2015 Employee of the Month:
Chanelle Johnson
Nominated by Theresa Ortega, Rebecca Kuglitsch, Jack Maness, and Emily Fidelman

On September 30th, Chanelle may have saved a patron’s life.  The patron, whose identity must remain private but who was likely a new undergraduate in CEAS, suffered a grand mal seizure in the Gemmill Library lobby.  Chanelle had only been working at our service point for a month and, without any hesitation, stepped in to manage on-lookers and ensure emergency responders were on their way while library operations continued uninterrupted.  She handled the situation calmly and professionally and represented the kind of seamless public service the Libraries aspires to achieve, not only in providing information to our students but also in providing whatever support they need for their success, including a safe, supervised space.  She acted as a model CU citizen, and we are very proud of her service.

Please join me in recognizing the excellent service provided by Chanelle Johnson by honoring her as our November employee of the month.


October 2015 Employee of the Month:
Dylan Wiersma
Nominated by Gene Hayworth, Alison Hicks, Adam H. Lisbon, Sarah Jaroch Hagerman, Margaret M. Jobe, Megan E. Welsh

The members of the search committee for the Education and Government Information librarian positions wish to nominate Dylan Wiersma for Employee of the Month. As Administrative Assistant III in the Dean’s office, Dylan’s contributions to the University Libraries are far reaching and his customer service skills are exceptional. His duties include a range of responsibilities from processing vending machine refunds and travel reimbursements to issuing keys and serving as our payroll and personnel liaison. He manages these various tasks with skill, patience, accountability, and good humor. Several members of the search committee also praised all Dylan does to assist incoming faculty, making sure they find their way as they settle into their new careers at the libraries.


The search committee members wish to note particularly Dylan’s accomplishments in streamlining the University Libraries’ recruitment process. Within the past year Dylan has made significant changes, including streamlining and managing the search process through Google Docs. He arranges meetings, organizes materials, and schedules candidates for all of our searches, and his organizational skills are impeccable. He oversees the entire process, and I believe it is his initial contact with our candidates that sets the positive, welcoming tone for all of our interactions. We are grateful for everything he does to make the search process so efficient and effective, and we strongly support recognition of Dylan as Employee of the Month.

Megan Welsh shared that in addition to being an invaluable asset in the coordination of the searches for the Education Librarian and the Government Information Librarian, Dylan continually navigates personal HR questions and broader project-based questions. Whether asking Dylan about direct deposit or enrolling an Apprentice in our payroll system, Dylan has reliably and efficiently addressed all of the questions and concerns that I have ever brought to him. He is such a humble person who does his job and who does his job well. I never know how many additional projects he is working on because, every time I meet with him, I see only how he prioritizes the question and the colleague in front of him. Dylan is a cheerful and steady presence that keeps the Libraries and its personnel on track. 


Alison Hicks continued to sing Dylan’s praises.  120 applicants, seven committee members, two search committees; there are things that ordinary mortals cannot achieve, but Dylan Wiersma, who has organized, planned, smoothed, corralled, and most importantly, worked calendar wonders, can, in no way, be considered ordinary. From his wrangling of Google Docs, to his seemingly ability to remember and prepare for every eventuality, this search committee process could not have gone as smoothly as it has without his efforts. I cannot begin to express my appreciation for his hard work, to say nothing of his perpetually calm and polite demeanor, even in the face of time zone meltdown, technology issues, and committee member vacation plans.


Thank you Dylan for all that you do! 


September 2015 Employee of the Month:
Louis Zeller
Nominated by Adam H. Lisbon, Michael Riberdy, Catherine Vail Higbee Ishida, Maggie Rosenau

Working with members of the Center for Asian Studies, Louis was able to prepare several Korean films for use in one for their programs. Despite not being able to read Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, Louis took the extra time to gather screen captures and work with the Center for Asian Studies to solve several issues that arose during the conversion. Louis demonstrated a level of resourcefulness and dedication that went well beyond the everyday.

Louis was polite and helpful during the entire exchange and demonstrated that the Libraries is an ally on the campus that helps our colleagues overcome challenges. Being at the annual conference for ALA, I was unable to provide any quick language assistance. Through the chain of emails between Louis and Cathy Ishida, I was able to witness how quickly Louis solved the problem. Knowing that I have a dedicated colleague such as Louis who takes the extra time to make sure a job is well done, even if it involves three different languages written with no Latin alphabet, makes me proud to work at the CU Libraries with such great colleagues.


Cathy Ishida was kind enough to add:
I first met Louis, this spring when I brought in some Japanese VHS tapes I wanted converted. He was conscientious and interested in the foreign language and immediately aware that he had to create a system to be able to keep them organized, given that he could not read the materials.


This summer for our Korean film requests, Louis demonstrated excellent communication skills to make sure that the conversion jobs were being done right. Again he dealt with foreign language material in a thoughtful manner and creatively troubleshot when one film’s menu was only in Japanese. Finally, in this task, he managed the information coming to him from multiple departments in and outside of Norlin and respectfully communicated with all parties.


Maggie Rosenau also shared appreciation:
Mr. Zeller’s hard work, patience, and remarkable creativity on the Dieter Roth Exhibition video project deserves recognition. I watched him invest a great deal of time and effort into learning about Roth’s work, as well as Roth’s artistic practices. Mr. Zeller’s thoughtful reflection on the artist afforded him a notably sensitive understanding of the exhibited materials. The resultant production reflects his dedication as it cleverly and accurately presents Roth’s artwork in the context of my own research.


I, along with my dissertation committee members, am ever so pleased with the video production of The Book’s Undoing. Additionally, our work together added to an overall outstanding curatorial experience at CU Boulder. Working with Mr. Zeller was an absolute delight.


Michael Riberdy further adds:
Louis’s recognition for going “beyond the everyday” in his support for the Center for Asian Studies is just one example of his outstanding and versatile work on behalf of the Libraries IT Media Services.  After months of painstaking, skillful, and creative work, Louis recently completed post-production of the Dieter-Roth Special Collections Exhibit Video—a short film produced in collaboration with Ph.D. candidate Maggie Rosenau, curator of the exhibit. The film, which I believe will eventually be recognized as a masterpiece of motion video editing, is already receiving high praise from our library colleagues and the project’s sponsors in the Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures and in Museum Studies at CU Boulder.


Please join me in celebrating Louis Zeller’s exceptional customer service, incredible collegial support, and hard work by naming him as our September Employee of the Month!


August 2015 Employee of the Month:
Andrew Violet
Nominated by Lauren Calkins, Holley Gayley and Ariana Maki

Holley and Ariana wrote to let us know of a wonderful experience that they had with the Design and Exhibits Office at the CU Libraries. Andrew Violet worked tirelessly to put together an exhibit on Tibetan textual production, titled "Opening the Tibetan Treasury of Knowledge: Textual Transmission and Cultural Preservation." It opened on October 1, 2014 as part of a series of events, including an exhibit on the theme of Tibetan texts at the CU Art Museum, featuring works by the Lhasa artist Gade, and a guest speaker, hosted by the Center for Asian Studies. The guest speaker, Andrew Quintman from Yale University, delivered a lecture on "The Making of Milarepa, Reading and Writing the Life of Tibet's Great Saint."


Andrew Violet was central to the creative design and implementation of the library display, which takes up one of the nooks on the third floor across from Special Collections. Holley and Ariana worked closely with Andrew throughout the process to pick out images to produce and hang in the space, create accompanying text, and find artifacts for the display case. It was an engrossing and energizing collaboration over 6-8 weeks that produced, in our opinion, an exquisite visual entry point to the world of Tibetan texts and their production—from wood block printing to digital media. Megan Welsh and Deborah Fink were also involved in the organization and promotion of this event.


Andrew further made himself available to offer a private tour to key members of the Tsadra Foundation, a New York based cultural organization that recently offered a substantial gift of Tibetan language material to the CU Libraries and that we hope will continue to contribute to the development of Tibetan language at CU.


Lauren Calkins added that Andrew continues to work successfully with campus colleagues, most recently with the Program in Jewish Studies. He spent countless hours, not mention some long evenings, carefully crafting a compelling narrative and design for the Embodied Judaism exhibit. Additionally, he continues to push outside his comfort zone, adjusting to changing design and job expectations while keeping a positive attitude.


Please join us in recognizing Andrew’s contributions to the University Libraries and share in the celebration with him as employee of the month.


July 2015 Employee of the Month:
Jeremy Seiferth
Nominated by Rick Losoff and Meredith Callahan

Jeremy Seiferth is the July 2015 the Employee of the Month for his diligent work in implementing API authentication for ILLiad.


The Libraries purchased the Patron API module from Innovative several years ago; however, the implementation project proved to be much more difficult than anticipated and progress stalled. Soon after Jeremy joined the Libraries, he took on the task of getting the API to work. He managed to sort out the conflicting advice from the various vendors involved. Working closely with ILL staff, OCLC, Innovative, and Libraries IT, Jeremy was able to smooth out connectivity issues among the vendors, servers, and client computers to bring the service online.


Implementation of this API has been a long desired service that allows timely and accurate authentication for users to reach InterLibrary Loan services. With the Patron API, Libraries’ ILL staff no longer must authenticate new users in ILLiad, and users that have left the university are no longer inappropriately granted user privileges. This has proved to be huge time saver for ILL staff and ensures that access to resources is limited to the university community.


Please join me in celebrating Jeremy’s contribution in improving efficiency of the CU Libraries!


June 2015 Employee of the Month:
Christopher Yago, William Weaver, Kent Hiller, and Kathryn Ziegler
Nominated by: Barb Nichols.

Assessment & Processing, (AP), which is part of Preservation which is part of Special Collections has been working on a huge project for Archives which began over the summer and will continue on into the far distant future. We are sending the newspapers currently housed in Archives to PASCAL/SL@P (Special Location at Pascal). The newspapers are very brittle, very heavy, and very time consuming to process. I have three students who are working on this with me and each one of them is giving it their all. I would like to nominate all three of them for student of the month as we are working on this as a team, sort of an assembly line concept if you will. I see them each day lifting these fragile, heavy bundles without complaint.


The project started over the summer where my student, Chris Yago, measured each newspaper in Archives for height, width, and thickness. He entered the shelf location along with these measurements into an Excel database which gave us a good starting point as to how many Coroplast boxes would need to be handmade here in AP. Needless to say, this was an exhausting, dirty and time consuming endeavor. Chris worked very hard on this putting himself in some very dusty, dark places. Again, without a complaint to be heard.


We then began pulling newspapers from Archives and creating bundles about 4” thick. My student Will Weaver does this portion of the project. He loads the appropriate bundles onto a cart, uses the small cart elevator as the newspapers are housed on the 2nd level of Archives which makes retrieving them a little more time consuming. Will then creates bundles about 4” thick. He and Chris wrap each bundle in 20 point card stock for an extra layer of protection inside the box. A task that is definitely easier said than done!


Chris then creates the item record with all the appropriate coding and notes. The newspapers are passed along to Kent Hiller who has become proficient in making Coroplast boxes for these large heavy bundles. It takes him about 45 minutes to an hour to make one Coroplast box. He makes one after the other and seems to never tire.


There is a fourth student whom I feel needs some recognition as well,  Katie Ziegler. She is helping me keep all the other projects we have going to SL@P moving. Although she is not part of the newspaper project she is just as essential as it frees the other three up to focus on newspapers.


I feel so proud that these four great people work here with me. I wanted to acknowledge their hard work and let them know how much they are appreciated. I thank them every day for all they are doing. I feel being awarded “Students of the Month” would have a greater impact than just my words of encouragement each day. It would make their families proud to hear how much they are appreciate for the good work they are doing here in Assessment & Processing.


Please join me in congratulating Christopher Yago, William Weaver, Kent Hiller, and Kathryn Ziegler. Thank you all for your dedicated service and hard work!


May 2015 Employee of the Month:
Melissa Harden, Rebecca Kuglitsch, Katie Lage, Kate Tallman, Phil Wrede, Barbara Black, and Mary Jane Campbell
Nominated by Jack Maness

I would like to nominate Melissa Harden, Rebecca Kuglitsch, Katie Lage, Kate Tallman, Phil Wrede, Barbara Black and Mary Jane Campbell for Employee of the Month for their great work with the March Friends’ event: Celebrating Rocky Mountain National Park's Centenary.


As you know, this panel event drew well over 100 people to CBIS on the evening of March 5th, 2015. What a fabulous turnout! The above people all had their hands in making this event a great success. There were many aspects of planning and preparation that went into this event such as choosing panelists, coordinating logistics and event mechanics, publicity, catering arrangements, speaking and more. I feel that this event was an amazing way to highlight the libraries collections to the public and to show us as a partner to the greater university community, by featuring panelists from various departments across CU.

Thank you to Melissa, Rebecca, Katie, Kate, Phil, Barbara and Mary Jane for all of their work!


April 2015 Employee of the Month:
Adam Lisbon
Nominated by Kayo Takahata

My name is Kayo Takahata and I am currently a third year graduate student in the Japanese Department, scheduled to graduate in the spring of 2015.  Before I graduate, I would like to acknowledge Adam Lisbon’s exemplary work as a librarian of the Asian collections department.

Before Adam joined CU, I did not know where to turn with questions regarding our collection; a librarian seemed like some obscure person who was behind the scenes and remained there. However, Adam changed my concept of a librarian drastically.  He has devoted himself to making the library an accessible resource by hosting numerous informational workshops to help out my Japanese language students, issuing newsletters informing us of all that’s happening in the library collection, and he is always willing to answer a research question. My students have often expressed their gratitude for his kanji workshops in particular. He has also worked to form a connection between the library and the Asian Languages and Cultures department -- he not only attends our conferences and departmental events, but also our departmental social get-togethers, getting to know faculty, graduate students, and undergrads alike. Personally, I am very grateful to Adam for his assistance during my graduate thesis project. He made sure I received the resources I needed, even obscure texts that were difficult to procure. Moreover, he always made me feel like I had an ally at the library.

In sum, thanks to Adam, the library feels much closer to us all. Adam is visible, approachable, and reliable. He responds to our requests and answers our questions promptly, and is always willing to help. He goes above and beyond for the library and for the CU community, and he has given me a new appreciation for the work of a librarian.

Please join us in celebrating Adam’s contributions to the CU Community!


March 2015 Employee of the Month:
Kate Tallman
Nominated by Leanne Walther and Peggy Jobe

On the Thursday before Thanksgiving break, while Kate and I were covering the Research Desk, I received a phone call from the Earth Sciences Library. They had been working with a student from the Environmental Writing class to try to help guide him to some sources for a literature review. One of the staff members called the Research Desk and asked if they could refer the student over to us. Both Kate and I are familiar with the course and have helped teach a research session for the class. The Earth Science staff felt they had helped the student as much as they could and that he would be further served by consulting with one or both of us. The student arrived at the desk a short while later. He is visually challenged and legally blind. He had taken an incomplete in the class during a previous semester and is now hoping to complete the class by the end of this fall semester. To do so, he needs to finish a literature review.

The student did not have a well-formulated topic when he approached us, nor could he read the read the computer screen at the desk. Kate immediately took him aside and started working with him one-to-one. She was patient and respectful as she worked with him to formulate his ideas, develop keywords, and search some of the environmental databases. She also helped him with the technology to make the screen readable to him, as well as coming up with strategies so that he could read the pdfs of the articles they had identified. Kate carefully explained all the steps she had taken, making sure he understood the process. It was a collaborative process, as they refined and reworked his topic. She definitely developed a rapport with him and, after about an hour, I could tell the student was gaining more confidence and enthusiasm about his research and finishing his paper.

I think Kate should be acknowledged for her skills and abilities working with this researcher, who was clearly frustrated and anxious by all the challenges he was facing in trying to do his research and finish his class. Kate really smoothed the way for him. She worked with him in a way that empowered and inspired him. His face was beaming when he left and he chatted excitedly with me about what they had found. This represents a level of service beyond providing information. Sometimes, our real impact comes in the way we provide research service. We talk about how important connection is as an organizational value, and I think this represents an exceptional example of a connection that made a real and lasting impact on one of our clients.

Join us in celebrating Kate’s example of exceptional service!


February 2015 Employee of the Month:
Barbara Nichols
Nominated by Lauren Stapleton and Christine De Vries

We would like to recognize Barb Nichols’ commitment to the Libraries as shown by her endless hard work, organization, and dedication to improvement.

Barb has been working through some very challenging projects that are helping the libraries in our long term goal of transferring more special material collections offsite. One of those projects is the Archives Newspaper Project to send some 4,000 linear feet of rare and brittle Colorado newspapers (ca 730 titles) offsite with proper enclosures and cataloging. Barb, with her team of students, creates oversize, sturdy and light-weight archival boxes from scratch and other custom made enclosures to protect these fragile materials for transfer offsite. This project is very labor intensive yet also requires a detail oriented person to accurately collate issues, create item records, and to coordinate with Serials Cataloging for much needed updates to the bibliographic records. The rate at which this monumental task is being accomplished is astounding.

Barb is also working through a number of other large collections from both Archives and Special Collections to prepare them for transfer offsite with appropriate preservation protection. To juggle all these projects to the degree of accuracy and the speed at which she accomplishes them deserves recognition of going above and beyond expectations.

Barb is also highly resourceful and innovative in resolving the challenges presented by her responsibilities. She always makes the most of her space to accomplish her tasks, store raw materials, supervise students, and to maintain smooth and efficient workflow. She conscientiously uses scrap materials and used furniture to improve work flow while reducing costs.

Barb has to work with a number of other departments to accomplish her objectives. She is always friendly and is a pleasure to work with and many people in the library have commented on this. She treats everyone equally from her student employees to department heads. She is respectful, friendly and kind.

For Barb’s exceptional efforts we believe she should be recognized as employee of the month.


January 2015 Employee of the Month:
Matt Marquardt
Nominated by Christina Howard, Jennifer Davis, Svetlana Stepanyan, and Anna Ferris.

Matt has worked for Norlin Library since graduating high school and has reliably and diligently worked on short- and long-term projects that although often tedious and detail-oriented, approaches these projects with a focused enthusiasm. This has resulted in helping to keep the Norlin database up-to-date with the correct codes and information when global updates simply can't be done. Aside from his daily duties, he assists colleagues with projects large and small. Examples of his work has been helping to clean up the move from shelf list cards to the database, shelf reading and sorting, materials retrievals, processing materials for Pascal, error identification and analysis of errors in collection lists, etc.


As his immediate manager, I find the hardest thing about working with Matt is trying to convince him to take a well-deserved occasional vacation. He's better than the postal service for neither snow, rain nor heat nor will hurricane winds keep Matt from doing his job with pride and dependability. For the last several years, Matt has been helping me as needed. I put work out for him every day on his “Matt” cart, and he always make sure to finish ALL of it before he leaves for the day. In fact, he checks several times each day in case additional work has cropped up for him. Matt pages items for me from various areas of Norlin Library. He also does the physical processing of withdrawn serials. In addition, he returns items to Circulation and also picks up items from Circulation, not just for me but for everyone in Serials Cataloging.

For years now, Matt has been 100% dependable for any data entry projects that require tireless focus and repetitive application. His good humor is also an asset in our department and, while he may “hate snow,” he still manages to bring a ray of sunshine into each interaction with me and other colleagues. Finally, I consider him a true gentleman and friend. He deserves some recognition for all he has done for the Metadata Services Department.

Matt is a joy to work with. He’s always enthusiastic, and his good cheer is infectious. He’s the embodiment of an excellent employee. Please join us in recognizing Matt for his loyalty, hard work and dedication to his job!


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