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Employee of the Month 2008 November: Linda Rogers, Government Publications September: Pam Stanfield, Acquisitions June: Periodical Transition Group (PTG) July: Shannon Delay, Preservation August: Dick Bryant, Access Services

The University Libraries’ Employee of the Month award is intended to recognize the special effort of faculty, staff, or student employees. The award is granted at the discretion of the Associate Director for Administrative Services. To nominate an employee, please email a letter of support to John.Culshaw@colorado.edu.

December 2008 Employee of the Month:
Helene McHendry, Cataloging & Metadata Services

The following nomination was received from by Paul Moeller, Cataloging & Metadata Services.


It is a distinct pleasure to nominate Helene McHendry for employee of the month.  I returned from the 2007 Innovative User Group Annual Conference with some information about converting non-MARC holdings statements to full MARC21 Format for Holdings Data (MFHD).  I shared the information with Helene and she ran with it.  Helene studied holdings standards, devised ways to utilize Millennium’s Global Update to aid in converting our holdings, assisted with training, developed procedures, and worked with Interlibrary Loan to determine how best to communicate our lend/reproduction policies through our holdings records to OCLC.  Over the last 18 months Helene, with the help of one student assistant, has converted over 75,000 of our non MARC holdings statements and anticipates completing the final 15,000 of them over the next few months.  When we began this project I figured we’d be working on it for the next five years.  Thanks to Helene’s efforts we may finish in two. 


Bringing our holdings into compliance with current standards will allow us to more easily share data with outside parties such as OCLC and RAPID (OCLC will load our holdings in 2009).  It will also promote a consistent display of holdings, allow us to take advantage of future developments in periodicals check-in, and ease migration to a new system should we need to do so.  These upgraded holdings records for serial titles should also reduce the number of requests to ILL for materials that are not available for lending thus alleviating demands on staff time and effort.


Congratulations Helene.

November 2008 Employee of the Month:
Linda Rogers, Government Publications

The following nomination was received from Peggy Jobe, Government Publications:


I would like to nominate Linda Rogers for Employee of the Month. My reasons are as follows:

When the Research Desk opens this semester, staff from the Government Publications Library will join their colleagues from Science and Research and Instruction in the provision of all reference services from one location. For some, Government Publications are an arcane and intimidating branch of librarianship. In order to make its collections more intelligible and accessible to colleagues, the department has undertaken a massive shift of materials.  The department has also agreed to create temporary space in the locked storage area for materials from the Blue Room in order to free up space for work area for the IT staff who will provide support to the Research floor and Information Commons. The shift involves:

  • Creating flow charts and planning carefully for each step of the move. Because of space constraints, one collection had to be moved before another could take its place. Planning for the move involved taking measurements of both physical space and collection sizes.
  • Creating detailed lists of the contents of each and every microfiche cabinet in Government Publications. This will be used to create a clickable map to assist colleagues from the Research Desk in the use of our collections.
  • Shifting print collections from the Government Publications Reference area to either the open stacks or the locked storage area in Norbase.
  • Shifting workstations from the Government Publications Reference area to the office. This required close coordination with Systems.
  • Removing shelving and getting it installed in the office. This required close coordination with the building proctor.
  • Supervising the dismantling and storage of unused shelving.
  • Supervising the shift and consolidation of the Reference collection.
  • Unloading and moving cabinets of microfiche to a locked storage area in Norbase or to different spaces in the office. Moving loaded cabinets would damage the cabinets and contents.
  • Making space in the Government Publications Office Collections for:  British Parliamentary materials on microcard, circulation returns, and materials in need of processing. Many of these materials lack bibliographic records.
  • Shifting British microforms into the Government Publications Reference area.
  • Integrating a new collection of Environmental Impact Statements on microfiche into the existing fiche collections.
  • Making space in the locked storage area in Norbase for temporary housing of materials from the Blue Room.  This involved shifting collections and discarding duplicate materials.

Linda has supervised all of the above with cheerfulness and dedication. And she has done all it all at the start of a new semester -- hiring, training, and coordinating a small army of student and community service workers.  We could not have done it without her.

October 2008 Employee of the Month:
Sean Peneyra, Earth Sciences

The following nomination was received from Brittany Reed, Jerry Crail Johnson Earth Sciences:


I would like to nominate my student assistant Sean Peneyra for student employee of the month. Sean is an amazing asset to the Earth Sciences Library. He is smart, quick and always helpful This summer, he has played a huge role in our library shift. We have shifted our entire collection, some 50,000+ pieces. Sean himself moved more than 75% of these. This shift has included not only moving books around in the stacks, but moving books from the first floor to the second floor and vice versa. Incredibly, this has taken less than two months to accomplish. There is no doubt that the speed of the shift was made possible by Sean.


On top of all the physical labor Sean has mastered, he also helped come up with a beautiful system for tracking books while they were in temporary locations. He made an incredible spreadsheet and mapping system that laid out where each title was located. This has helped immensely when a patron required a book that was not in its normal location. All we had to do was check the chart and we could find the book in only a few minutes.


Even during this huge shift, Sean was still our main student assistant for the summer. He maintained his regular duties, running our circulation desk and helping patrons. He always helps cover other students’ shifts and comes in whenever asked.


Sean is funny and smart, and makes the Earth Sciences library a great place to work. I truly enjoy supervising him and he has proven that he is not only dedicated to the libraries, but always goes above and beyond the work of a student assistant.

September 2008 Employee of the Month:
Pan Stanfield, Acquisitions

The following is the nomination received from Linda Helgoth, Charlene Kellsey, Naomi Seko, Lisa Gould, Randy Key and Cal Callahan:

We would like to nominate Pam Stanfield as employee of the month. Pam is our bookkeeper extraordinaire!  It may not be evident to most people in the libraries that invoices for library materials have to be posted in Chinook and then paid in AP/PeopleSoft. It's fairly easy to make an error on one or the other, and if left to the end of the year, the problems fester and book closing turns into a dreaded, painful time. But not with Pam!  She loves her job working with numbers. She keeps constant spreadsheets of what's in and out of both Chinook and PeopleSoft, and handles problems as they come along. Not only does she work well, she works well with others, and has a great non-confrontational  manner when she approaches us with problems. She has definitely taken all the stress out of book-closing!  WooHoo for Pam!!

August 2008 Employee of the Month:
Dick Bryant, Access Services

The following is the nomination received from Jane Thomas:


I would like to nominate Dick Bryant as Employee-of-the-Month for his hard work and dedication with the Periodicals/Reference Room Project this spring.


Access Services received word in October 2007 that we would be physically responsible for moving the entire collection of journals, both bound and current, out of the Periodicals Room in preparation for construction and renovation. Planning started soon after, with the complication of having half of the journals go down to the basement for eventual removal to PASCAL, our off-site storage facility, and half of the journals go down to temporary storage in the basement. An additional factor was the fact that the shelving available for temporary storage in the basement was inadequate both in condition (broken ‘moveable’ shelving) and in the number of shelves actually available. This required a delicate balancing act of removing as much as possible each day, but not so much that we got ahead of the company PSI, who was selected to come several times a week to clear out the items going to PASCAL. To further complicate matters, journals in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean were to be identified and stored in a separate area, to be incorporated into the Asian Collection.


Dick calculated how many existing students we could spare from regular shelving duties, and how many we would need to hire extra, in order to get the task done by the deadline of May 15, 2008. He calculated how many volumes could be moved per cart, per hour, and per week, and factored in how many volumes PSI could take away each trip and how many shelves would thus be freed up for more volumes. He personally trained the new student hires, and supervised their work. He worked closely with the Periodicals Transition Group, attending meetings when invited, so that everyone understood which journals would be shelved where, and how they were to be labeled, all the while managing Shelving and Materials Management in Access Services.


The fact that the project was completed just before the deadline of May 15, 2008, with little disruption or confusion, and the least number of student assistants, displays superb planning and analytical skills, and I feel he should be recognized by the Libraries for his excellent work.

July 2008 Employee of the Month:
Shannon Delay, Preservation

Shannon Delay, who has worked in the Preservation Department as a student and temporary employee is the July Employee of the Month.


The following is the nomination we received from Christine DeVries, Shannon's supervisor:


"We hired Shannon DeLay in December, 2006 to work on the Collection Needs Assessment Project (CNAP). Her work on CNAP has been invaluable. She absorbs new information and procedures with amazing speed and has a thorough grasp of both the details and big picture. In addition to assessing the condition of library holdings, she has helped maintain databases and prepare reports. This summer, she assumed responsibility for training several other students. In addition, she supervises their daily activities. In the Spring semester we have been conducting the Assessment Project in the Archives. This has required training and research on a wide variety of materials including photographic prints, motion picture film, architectural drawings, and realia. Shannon used the basic training materials as a spring board for her own research and has become quite knowledgeable about these materials. She manages the day-to-day operation of this part of the project."


Congratulations and thanks for the hard work!

June 2008 Employees of the Month:
Members of the Periodicals Transition Group (PTG)

Alison Graber (chair), Karen Campbell, Jennifer Davis, Skip Hamilton, Sara Holladay, Mark Mabbett, Becki Perna


The PTG was charged with completing a relocation of at least 50% of the bound periodical collection to prepare for construction of the Learning Commons. This was no easy task and involved the cooperation of many. The PTG completed their charge on time without cutting any corners while maintaining their regular duties. Congratulations on a job well-done. Each member of the PTG will receive a day of administrative leave.

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