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Employee of the Month 2009 November: Greg Rob October: Lynnette Leiker, Research & Instruction September: Chris Levine, Special Collections July: Leanne Walther, Government Publications June: Jayne Williams Employee of the Month, 2009 Plaque Planter Committee February 2009 January 2009 December: Erika Klein

The University Libraries’ Employee of the Month award is intended to recognize the special effort of faculty, staff, or student employees. The award is granted at the discretion of the Associate Director for Administrative Services. To nominate an employee, please email a letter of support to John.Culshaw@colorado.edu.

December 2009 Employee of the Month:
Erika Klein

Submitted by Jennifer Knieval, Caroline Sinkinson and Stephanie Alexander


We would like to nominate Erika Klein, Student Supervisor in the Research and Instruction Department, for Employee of the Month.  Erika has done an extraordinary job this semester of rolling with the punches with the ever-evolving work of providing scheduling, training and documentation support for the two service points in the Commons and on the Research Services floor in Norlin. Somehow she's able make sense of the schedules of nearly 40 staff members and create an intelligible work schedule for the desks and our instant messaging service.


In addition to training a slate of students at the beginning of the fall semester, she went above and beyond and was able to hire, train, and get another group of students working on the desks in the middle of the semester to help support the popular services that we provide at the desks.


The good service patrons receive depends heavily on our ability to communicate and share information with one another. The Research and Commons Desk blog as well as the desk Sharepoint site are core to successful communication between all desk staffers. Erika's thorough job maintaining and monitoring these tools has enhanced patron and staff experiences on the desk.


Erika has been a leader in creating and updating new maps for the entire building. These have been sorely needed for years, and in such a confusing building the maps are an essential tool for our patrons. Her technical expertise and commitment to this project have been critical in getting it accomplished.


We'd be lost without her and greatly appreciate the work that she does!


November 2009 Employee of the Month:
Greg Robl

Submitted by Suzanne T. Larsen

Barb Losoff and I would like to nominate Greg Robl for Employee of the Month. Greg has made an enormous impact on the organization of the Science Library collection, as well as providing bibliographic instruction, working on the Research Desk, and serving as copy editor for the new online journal Collaborative Librarianship. Since January 2009, Greg has condensed the size of the reference collection in the Science Library, reducing it to one-third its former size, thereby creating a ‘working’ reference collection. Greg accomplished this by moving less important reference works to the stacks or sending them to Pascal. Greg streamlined the current journal shelving so that it integrates with the Science reference section, providing ease of access to both collections from the Research Desk which is just around the corner. He coordinated moving the Science microform collection to Pascal, freeing up microform cabinets that were needed elsewhere.

Greg continues to oversee the move of essentially all the Science journals to Pascal. This involves working with the Serials Department, to ensure that the records holdings are correct, and with Dick Bryant, the Supervisor for Materials Management, to direct the transfer of the journals. Greg is also coordinating with Dick to shift the Science stacks to accommodate the former Periodical Room journals. In an effort to create more room in the stacks, Greg is identifying volumes with multiple copies, checking the circulation records and sending to Pascal, withdrawing or leaving on the shelf as their use warrants.

Greg is careful to seek input from Barb Losoff or me when questions arise regarding the disposition of a volume, however his knowledge of the collection allows him to make many decisions independently. He has done much of this work with a solid group of student assistants that he hired and trained for these tasks.
Greg’s contribution as copy editor for the new open access journal Collaborative Librarianship has been invaluable. This journal is a local start-up publication with an international scope. Greg’s role goes beyond copy-editing as he participates on the editorial board and attends monthly meetings. Good writing is a product of good editing. To that end Greg ensures that all contributions to Collaborative Librarianship undergo the same editing criteria, resulting in a consistently high-quality publication.
Greg provides bibliographic instruction for the life sciences and regularly teaches database use for EBIO Scientific Writing classes. Greg also provides outreach for the University when instructing science database research methods for visiting local high school science students. Greg’s contributions on the Research desk and in the Commons highlight his commitment to public service by providing exceptional service across all disciplines.

Above all, Greg’s positive attitude, intense work ethic, sense of humor, and unfailing good spirits make him a highly valued colleague.

October 2009 Employee of the Month:
Lynnette Leiker

Submitted by Stephanie Alexander, Jennifer Knievel and Caroline Sinkinson.

We would like to nominate Lynnette Leiker, Reference & Instructional Services Specialist in the Research and Instruction Department, for Employee of the Month in October 2009.


Lynnette routinely goes above and beyond the call of duty when providing services to our patrons, interacting with them in a friendly and helpful manner, and making sure she provides them with the information they are seeking, plus more information they may not have known that they needed.


Patrons go out of their way to thank Lynnette for her help; one recently even bought her flowers as a thank you gift. Her friendly, encouraging approach to instruction helps students feel confident as they approach an intimidating library.


New to her plate this semester was handling complex classroom scheduling for R&I, and she has done a phenomenal job handling campus instruction requests. In addition, she always makes herself available to help out her colleagues when they're in a bind.


Lynnette is reliable, helpful, and always there for the department when we need her, and we would like to recognize her for the 110% effort she contributes to the Libraries every day.

September 2009 Employee of the Month:
Chris Levine

Submitted by Elizabeth Newsom, Kris McCusker, Debbie Hollis, Susan Guinn-Chipman, Anna Ferris, Jennifer Knievel, and Yem Fong.

Chris is an absolutely indispensible staff member. She does the work of three people. From the moment she arrived in SPC, she has taken on more and more complex duties. In the past absence of internal cataloging staff, she took the initiative to teach herself cataloging. She does everything from copy-cataloging, ordering, submitting invoices, creating fiscal and collection-breakdown inventories of all incoming items, and turning in student payroll. She attends conferences and works with our specialist dealer clientele. Collection development duties include SPC approval assessment, suggesting additions to our holdings, and monitoring SPC’s Foundation endowments.


Chris generously managed approval books for Art and Architecture during the year in which the Art Librarian position was vacant. She also served on the search committee to eventually fill that position, evaluating scores of competitive applications. Her insights were valuable for that process. Her assistance helped keep things running in the art collection during that difficult period.


Chris does all this with accuracy and an extraordinary work ethic. In the Boulder community she is our informal ambassador. She encourages patrons to discover the riches of our department, and has spearheaded several important donations. Chris is our go-to expert on our vast photographic holdings, teaching classes that require her expertise. In addition, Chris maintains, practically single-handedly, the catalog entries for our photography books (especially the David H. Tippit Collection) and catalogs new acquisitions for this collection on a daily basis. When students need books on particular topics, she recommends all her latest finds and the best items representing new trends. Chris works closely with our invaluable cataloging teams, advising them about local practices and providing helpful feedback on their work. Most recently she trained and supervised Sandy Harris in a preliminary copy-cataloging project for Nilon books. On top of all that, she does many other bibliographic maintenance tasks. Also importantly, she has the keenest eagle-eyes for temporarily misplaced books! 


Although Debbie Hollis is away on sabbatical, she wholeheartedly and enthusiastically endorses the nomination for Chris for employee of the month: “Acknowledging Chris’ significant contributions to R&I, collection development, and cataloging, this nomination is long overdue. ”  On top of all that, Chris is an intelligent and fascinating person, regaling us with stories of adventures in pet-sitting, of having President Clinton visit her Washington DC used book store, and of celebrities larking around in boutique hotels. Her dramatic readings of ridiculous prose can’t be beat.


Thanks for everything you do, Chris!

July 2009 Employee of the Month:
Leanne Walther

Submitted by Peggy Jobe, Government Publications:

I would like to nominate Leanne Walther for Employee of the Month for her work managing the withdrawal process for the 22 selective depository libraries in the state of Colorado. It should come as no surprise that most of the selective libraries in the region are downsizing their collections in favor of electronic resources. As the regional library for the state, CU therefore has the responsibility to maintain a 100% tangible collection of government publications. Before a publication can be withdrawn from the collection of a selective, Leanne and her team of students must search for and verify that CU has a tangible copy. This is complicated by the fact that we lack cataloging and/or item records for a significant portion of the collection. In order to maintain the best copy, Leanne also makes judgment calls about volumes we'd like to replace. The recent transfer of CSU's transfer of ownership for its Serial Set to CU and the move of the volumes to PASCAL is a case in point. Leanne's team item converted all of the CSU volumes, identified volumes from our on-site collection for transfer to PASCAL, and coordinated the transfer of the remaining volumes to CU Law.


Because we never physically handled the CSU volumes before the transfer to PASCAL, getting the item records just right was of the utmost importance. Leanne made sure that it was done "just right".


In addition to her work on the withdrawal process, Leanne is a superb reference librarian. She's our "go to" person for legal questions. She also provides excellent instruction on the use of our complex collections.


When Leanne talks I always listen and learn from her.

June 2009 Employee of the Month:
Jayne Williams

Submitted by Jack Maness, Engineering Library:

I would like to nominate Jayne Williams for Employee of the Month. Jayne has been a student employee in the Engineering Library for several semesters and throughout that time has provided a consistent level of friendly service that often matches that of professionally-trained staff and faculty. She has also completed many projects for the library, including investigating the un-cataloged portion of our microfiche collection. Jayne also recently joined the Government Publications Library, where she has completed the digitization of a collection of WWII rationing pamphlets and is preparing a display case and web page for these documents.


Jayne has become tantamount to another member of the staff at the Engineering and Government Publications Libraries, and when a librarian from another institution, who was working with Jayne, was told she was a student assistant, the librarian replied, “[Jayne] was extremely helpful and professional. I was impressed by her willingness to help and share resources. I assumed that she was a professional librarian. ” Jayne is very independently motivated to help wherever she can around the library, and has a ready answer for any question asked at the desk.

We hope that Jayne will soon be that professional librarian, in fact. Upon receiving her bachelor’s degree later this year she is planning on attending a graduate program in library and information science, and she hopes to become an academic librarian. Jayne can intelligently discuss everything from 19th century Russian literature to quantum physics and is an avid sky-diver, so I trust her versatility were serve her well in her chosen profession. We will sorely miss her, but very much look forward to welcoming her as a colleague in the near future.

May 2009 Employee of the Month:
Emily Martin

Submitted by Laura Wright, Map Library:

The map library staff would like to nominate Emily Martin, temporary staff member of the map library, for employee of the month. Emily really stepped forward when the rest of the map library staff were dealing with two concurrent family emergencies. She was willing to change her schedule and work extra hours to make sure the map library was staffed. She was able to assist a number of patrons on her own, and appropriately referred the questions she was unable to answer. In addition, Emily is always up for any task, no matter how complicated or repetitive, and is truly a pleasure to work with. Thank you so much, Emily, for keeping the map library running without us.

April 2009 Employee of the Month:
Planter Committee, Norlin Library

Submitted by Candy Gobrecht, Cataloging & Metadata Services:

I’m not sure how this would work, but I personally would like to recognize all the people who are on the Planter Committee that maintains the giant pots out by Norlin's West Entrance. My problem is, they’re all almost anonymous! I don’t know who they are, but they make the entrance look great every season, not just in the Spring. I have been outside on the steps when students have mentioned the planters, and I doubt anyone even knows it’s an all-volunteer effort.

Committee members include: Jane Zumwalt, Carl Stewart, Sue Williams, Cheryl Koelling, Beth Levrault, Linda Helgoth, Barry Ratliff, Zoya Nazari.

February 2009 Employee of the Month:
Greg Henning, Administrative Services

Submitted by Shelley Joy, Administrative Services and Rani Machoi, Systems:


We would like to nominate Greg Henning for Employee of the Month for February, 2009. Greg started in Admin Services last summer as a temporary assistant to Dylan and Lucy. Since the many personnel changes in Systems left us without someone to do inventory and other records administration, we asked Greg to see if he could learn to navigate the arcane campus and Libraries tracking systems. He cheerfully and efficiently did so. Since he was so successful with those tasks, Rani began asking for his help with the multitude of networking and telephone changes that needed to happen as the waves of construction moved through the building. All the moves and associated paperwork could not have been completed without his assistance. At the same time, he was working for Shelley and Admin Services to help with all of our moving needs during the current renovation of the first and second floors of Norlin and the Administrative Services Office suite. He coordinated all the moves of equipment and furniture, completed the necessary forms, had them approved, and supervised the moves, making sure that all of the moves were completed.

Though Greg knows he is a temporary employee, we have seen the following:

  1. Dedication to his job:  He keeps coming back until it’s all done.
  2. Courteous service: to everyone needing moving/rearranging, etc: Often as Shelley saw him rushing to complete one move she’d see him interacting with Libraries’ staff or faculty regarding something that they needed him to do. He is always polite and attentive no matter how tired or busy he is.
  3. Tireless effort to move everything within our deadlines.
  4. Attention to MULTIPLE details: To complete the move from the first floor to the second and clear the first floor of everything, Greg needed to juggle many priorities at once.
  5. Follow-through on everything requested: He makes sure the work gets done.
  6. Initiative: He constantly brings up things that need to be done and isn’t afraid to ask questions.
  7. Reporting: He keeps us updated and tells us when the job is done.

All we’ve heard from everyone dealing with Greg is how he promptly took care of what they needed and how pleasant he is to work with. We’ve had many, many compliments on the service he has provided. His calm demeanor during a very stressful, chaotic time has been nothing short of amazing!


Submitted by Research & Instruction:

The Research & Instruction Department would like to nominate Greg Henning for employee of the month. Moving is a stressful activity, both physically and mentally!  When you’re working with a large department and multiple moves, it can easily become overwhelming. Add to this, the pressure of moving while the semester is in full swing!  Greg showed us his excellent communication skills as he carefully coordinated with each of us to determine what we needed. Often times, his questions prompted us to address aspects of our move that we had not previously considered. Greg also coordinated with other departments on campus to make sure phones, faxes and printers were moved, when people were moved. Greg’s efficiency reached far beyond our department; enabling us to maintain our high standards of customer service to our clientele as we worked through this transitional period. Greg is absolutely amazing and he did it all with the professionalism we expect, an attitude we admire and a smile to keep us light hearted.


Thanks, Greg!  We couldn’t have done it without you!!


Research and Instruction: Jennifer Knievel, Lynnette Leiker, Meredith Callahan, Alison Graber, Caroline Sinkinson, Thea Lindquist, Becki Loughlin, Karen Campbell, Alison Hicks (“The best thing about working with Greg is that he’s always jolly and smiling and good tempered and amenable. ”), Erika Klein ( “Greg is not only hard working, but extremely polite. It’s always a pleasure to talk to him. ”)


Submitted by Debbie Hollis, Special Collections:

Allow me to add a few loud cheers of support for Greg's nomination as employee of the month. He managed a chaotic moving situation with a dizzying array of personalities, some helpful, some not, in a professional and light hearted manner. Greg's kind manner helped smooth delicate situations when some of us, me included, didn't always communicate our intentions effectively. I credit his attention to detail in making the R&I move go so well. We were very lucky to have his assistance during this time. Please know that all of the R&I folks appreciate his contributions to this important transition as R&I settles into its new space and awaits the opening of the Commons. Greg is deserving of the recognition and award.

January 2009 Employee of the Month:
Catalina Pedraza, Research & Instruction

Submitted by Becki Loughlin, Research & Instruction:

I would like to nominate student assistant Catalina Pedraza for employee of the month. She is going abroad next semester, and I would like her to be recognized for all the work she has done for the Libraries over the past year since she will not be able to (immediately) enjoy the renovated space on the 2nd floor. She has been heavily involved in the Reference and Periodicals reallocation projects, while also fulfilling her regular duties as the sole student employee assigned to the art collection. She not only assists with the daily processing of both reference and art materials, but has taken on a great deal of the physical labor involved in moving 15,000 reference items to the basement, shifting the reference collection so as to integrate many of our former sub-locations, shifting all of the current periodicals into call number order, and weeding, reorganizing, and relocating a portion of the art collection. Catalina’s reliability, hard work, and consistently positive attitude is what keeps many projects in our department moving, and I am very grateful to her for all of her contributions.

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