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The University Libraries’ Employee of the Month award is intended to recognize the special effort of faculty, staff, or student employees. The award is granted at the discretion of the Associate Director for Administrative Services. To nominate an employee, please email a letter of support to John.Culshaw@colorado.edu.


December 2010 Employee of the Month:
Cheryl Koelling

Submitted by Suzanne Larsen, Public Services

I would like to nominate Cheryl Koelling for employee of the month. This marks my sixth month of in my current position. I have come to rely heavily on Cheryl for “institutional memory” when issues come up that I have not dealt with before and her input is much appreciated and valued. Among her regular duties is taking the Public Services minutes, which are a key method of communication within the Libraries. Anyone who attends those meetings can attest to the fact that those minutes can, at times, be a challenge to put together but she manages to produce a clear, informative document. She is also manages the digital signs in Norlin. This involves finding and loading content, as well as design.


One of Cheryl’s strengths is that she will do what needs to be done. She is flexible and will jump in where needed. She has served on the Faculty Staff Development Committee for a number of years and in addition to being a great idea person for the group, she is the “keeper of the calendar” and thus keeps the committee on track. Not an easy task with that group. She is also the person who does most of the set-up and coordination for the many webinars that we have been supporting recently in the Libraries.


Recently, Cheryl has begun taking the minutes for the Desks Management Group (DMG), which has been a great help to that group. She also takes minutes for the ITS bimonthly service review for the Libraries as part of her assignment to the DMG.
Cheryl is very service oriented. She has been working two hours a week in Special Collections for some time, helping with registration of visitors and other tasks as needed. When a Special Collections staff member had surgery and was out for a period of time, Cheryl increased her hours to four hours a week to help out. She has been a marshal at commencement ceremonies, twice a year, for many years. While she has always been a point person for people wishing to volunteer in the Libraries, she has recently she has taken on the responsibility of overseeing the Bookfinders group.


This only highlights a few of Cheryl’s contributions to the Libraries. She is a very valuable member of our community and I hope you will join me in expressing our appreciation to her for all she does.


November 2010 Employee of the Month:
Betsy Gould

Submitted by Brice Austin, Access Services

I would like to nominate Betsy Gould for employee of the month for November, for her extraordinary efforts in launching our Document Delivery Pilot Service.


A great many staff contributed to the launch of this pilot--staff from all five branch libraries, Library IT, and additional personnel from Access Services--and I would also like to acknowledge their efforts, but Betsy Gould was the one who coordinated the project and kept it on track.


Without Betsy's technical expertise in ILLiad, her understanding of document delivery workflow, her attention to detail, her willingness to explain and train, and above all her patience, this pilot service would never have gotten off the ground.


We are already receiving some very positive feedback from faculty regarding document delivery and use of the service is climbing rapidly. That the launch has gone so smoothly and has been so well received already are testaments to all the hard work Betsy contributed up front, as well as her on-going commitment to make adjustments now that the service is up and running. Very well done!

October 2010 Employee of the Month:
The Green Task Force

Submitted by Jennifer Davis, CMS

In recognition of outstanding efforts to heighten awareness of sustainability issues in the Libraries, members of the Green Task Force are Employees of the Month for October. Members include Lisa Gould (Chair), Christina Howard, Angela Palermo, and Sue Williams. This nomination was made by Jennifer Davis of CMS and was endorsed by the Libraries Council at their October meeting. The Green Task Force, in consultation with Facilities Management and Administrative Services, made several recommendations and successfully implemented several "green" projects. Notable projects include:  removal of the light pole in the Norlin East stairwell, installation of dual flush functionality on existing toilets, application of solar film, evaluating recycling bins and determining better locations and structures, and attaching energy conservation stickers to light switch plates. These efforts, combined with the recent renovations in Norlin and commitment of all Libraries staff and faculty, led to a signification reduction in energy consumption in Norlin Library. Because of this, the Libraries received a Buff Energy Star award from the campus sustainability and Chancellor's offices. Congratulations on a job well done.


August 2010 Employee of the Month:
Carl Stewart, Preservation

Submitted by Special Collections


Special Collections faculty and staff enthusiastically nominate Carl Stewart for his determined efforts on behalf of Special Collections. He played a significant role in safeguarding our collections in the face of leaking roofs and natural disasters. His work necessitated many long anxious hours and weekend monitoring which he took on without complaint. Carl worked closely with Elizabeth Newsom to monitor the stacks when rain and snow was in the forecast and was a communications link between FacMan and the Libraries. We appreciate his attention to detail and the department could not have weathered (no pun intended) this emergency without him. Carl was equally valuable in assisting with environmental assessment and security during our earlier reading room asbestos abatement, another facet of our eventful year.


Carl’s contributions, however, go beyond these extraordinary efforts. When he is not evaluating the Libraries or the Natural History Museum spaces with data logger technology he teaches others how to use this type of equipment. Last year he instructed a Museum and Field Studies graduate student in the use of environmental data loggers in support of her thesis project about the preservation of hazardous nitrate film.  Carl is to be credited for herding the campus collections managers (Archives, Special Collections, Music, CU Art Museum, Natural History, NSIDC, and Heritage Center) on a regular basis to discuss collection preservations issues and emergency response planning. In the distant past these campus colleagues met to exchange ideas about collection management but Carl deserves the credit for reviving the group. This is timely in light of national and regional natural disasters that have made everyone aware of the need for coordinated emergency and preservation planning. We appreciate that Carl Stewart is a colleague who can be counted on for the care and maintenance of the Libraries’collections and therefore nominate him for employee of the month.


July 2010 Employee of the Month:
Anudas Schmidt, Libraries IT

Submitted by Rani Machoi, Libraries IT


This is a long overdue nomination of Anudas Schmidt for Employee of the Month.

His work this week replacing a failing hard drive in our Exchange server highlighted his dedication and service to the Libraries. Within an hour of notification of an impending drive failure the Exchange server, he had given me a plan for what needed to be done. He voluntarily arranged to work all evening to make the repair to minimize downtime during the workday. Because of our almost total reliance on e-mail and calendaring, getting services restored quickly was crucial to the functioning of the Libraries.


While I was interim department director, Anudas took on many duties which I had previously done and was key to keeping the department moving forward. When we are short staffed due to vacations or illness, Anudas always steps up to help cover the additional work. I can’t count the number of student assistants and new staff he has trained or the number of new workstations he has configured and delivered.


I canvassed others in the Libraries for comments to include in this nomination. The words I heard over and over included helpful, compassionate, reliable, knowledgeable, willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. And of course many people mention his extraordinary German sense of humor, unlike anyone other.


For all these reasons, he deserves this honor.


June 2010 Employee of the Month:
Bethany Levrault , Cataloging & Metadata Services

Submitted by Jina Wakimoto and Xiang Li

We would like to nominate Bethany Levrault for employee of the month. Since starting at the Norlin Library, Beth has demonstrated outstanding ability to work with faculty and staff across the departments in Technical Services as well as Public Services divisions. As the Head of Copy Cataloging, she not only monitored copy cataloging workflow to ensure that materials received in CMS are processed in a timely manner, but also worked closely with Acquisitions Department to establish the process and procedures for Acquisitions staff to copy catalog and provided excellent training. The Copy Cataloging Unit deals with variety of materials and collections each with specific needs and – graphic novels, video recordings, books with accompanying media, microform, MONA/Browsing collection, UN documents for Gov Pubs, DVD-ROMs, etc. Beth is exceptional at keeping cataloging procedures current for these various materials, especially in light of the changes in national standards and local practices.


New and added responsibilities of CMS is cataloging of Asian language materials. With the NRC grant and other successful efforts at collection development, CMS has seen a sharp increase in these materials, especially in Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Farsi. Beth enthusiastically took on the challenge of cataloging and supervising staff and students, even taking Chinese classes herself to learn the language and to become a more effective supervisor.


Beth is really a responsible supervisor. Beyond simply keeping students working on their projects, Beth worked tirelessly in teaching them cataloging related skills, improving their understanding of library works, and also informing them of self-development opportunities. I believe the students supervised by Beth all have learned a great deal from their work experiences in the library. Beth is also a considerate colleague. She is very patient in answering my questions and keeps me updated with each bit of progress that has been made on the projects we collaborate on.


For such extraordinary service for the Libraries and the collections, Beth deserves recognition as the employee of the month!


May 2010 Employee of the Month:
Susan Guinn-Chipman, Special Collections

Submitted by Deborah Hollis and Elizabeth Newsom

Special Collections nominates our colleague Susan Guinn-Chipman for employee of the month. Susan's role in the department encompasses both public and technical services. Her key contribution is in creating access to the Department's unique holdings and sterling public service to CU students and faculty. Her technical services work includes creating records for the Women Poets of the Romantic Period (WPRP) collection, the Dana K. Bailey History of Science collection, developing lists of manuscript collections, adding the Willard Tract collection and revising Department holdings on the Center for British and Irish Studies web site, in addition to the creation of EAD guides for the Rocky Mountain Online Archive (RMOA). Because of her efforts a listing of the Creighton Collection of nineteenth-century English Papal History is nearing completion and will be available on our web site. Susan's charming and easy-going manner puts students at ease when they visit the department for the first time. She patiently conducts an interview to help identify sources for class presentations or papers. When teaching her undergraduate history courses she folds in course-integrated assignments that introduce her students to the Department's primary sources. We are overdue in extending our thanks to this colleague and acknowledging her significant contributions.


Thank you Susan!


April 2010 Employee of the Month:
Danielle Haas, Administrative Services

Submitted by Leanne Walther and Peggy Jobe, Government Publications

We would like to nominate Danielle Haas, Norlin Mailroom Supervisor (Administrative Services) for Employee of the Month.

In the past several months, Danielle went far beyond the call of duty helping the Government Publications Department with a special project. In October, we offered our duplicate Serial Set volumes to libraries nationwide. Several libraries responded, including the University of West Virginia who requested 1,500 volumes. These documents were packed by students in GovPubs and transported to the mailroom to be processed and mailed to WVU. Danielle and her students had to weigh, handle and mail all the boxes. It was a tedious and time consuming process, in which six boxes were mailed every day for approximately two months. Our last box was mailed to WVU last Friday. In addition, Danielle had to keep track of all the postage, so that we could submit the charge to WVU for reimbursement.

Throughout this process, Danielle was helpful and supportive, giving us useful advice for packing and sealing the boxes. She remained cheerful and never complained in what was a significant shipping operation that took a lot of extra time and effort. Serial Set volumes are heavy and moving boxes full of them literally required “heavy lifting". Danielle was a pleasure to work with and we really appreciated her positive attitude and generosity.

None of us in GovPubs realized the enormity of the task of shipping 1,500 volumes across the country. We must have sent around 200 boxes full of heavy books. Recently, we received a note from the Government Publications librarian at WVU, thanking us for persevering in getting these volumes to her library and expressing her great appreciation. We could never have done it without the cooperation, diligence, hard work and effort of Danielle. It was truly a Herculean task and we were fortunate to have someone with Danielle’s skill and abilities to help us tackle it. She well deserves recognition as Employee of the Month!


March 2010 Employee of the Month:
Josie Fania, Cataloging & Metadata Services (C&MS)

Submitted by Anna M. Ferris, Special Collections & Archives Cataloging Team, Cataloging & Metadata Services

It is with great pleasure that I nominate Josie Fania for Employee-of-the-Month in recognition of the excellent work she has been doing as the primary copy cataloger for the Special Collections & Archives Cataloging Team.


While Josie continues to work on assignments for other units of the Cataloging & Metadata Services Department, and volunteers for new projects from branch libraries (e.g., Earth Sciences and Music) and academic departments (e.g., Fine Arts), and devotes an average of 12 hours a month to help out at the Reference Desk, I believe she deserves special recognition for the quality and the extent of the work she has been doing to increase access to Special Collections and University Archives materials.  The following points illustrate some of the ways in which Josie has contributed to our team’s efforts:  

  • Josie made a remarkable transition from cataloging materials in MARC format to processing archival collections in Encoded Archival Description (EAD) format. This format is used predominantly by personnel in Special Collections to create records of finding aids for their unique collections that are then contributed to the Rocky Mountain Online Archive (RMOA). Josie took it upon herself to master EAD and the RMOA cataloging module in order to assume responsibility as the in-house EAD trainer and reviewer for the catalogers and staff working on behalf of the Archives Dept. to contribute records to the RMOA database.
  • Josie has taken the initiative of scanning paper copies of Archives finding aids into Word documents, thereby greatly facilitating the work of catalogers keying the data into RMOA.   
  • Josie is always ready to offer suggestions on ways to improve on routine tasks or to finetune new procedures. For example, she helped streamline the use of the 856 MARC tag for linking to remote tables-of-content webpages instead of using cumbersome media sets of text images for the Women Poets of the Romantic Period Collection.
  • Lastly, but certainly not least, Josie completed the copy cataloging for the bulk of the Mountaineering Collection (over 4,000 titles housed in the Special Collections Annex)—a project that was begun back in 2002. According to Windy Lundy, her initial supervisor on this project, “Josie searched all the books, brought in records from OCLC, cataloged those which had copy, derived records for those that didn't have matching records, and examined them for copy specific characteristics so that she could add all the notes and added entries for those characteristics. Josie was very attuned to the special nature of the Mountaineering books and her cataloging reflected that. She was accurate and efficient in her work.”

The Employee-of-the-Month award would be a most fitting way to say:  “Thank you, Josie, for your boundless energy and positive attitude as well as your diligence and dedication in going the extra 'mile' on behalf of the Special Collections and Archives Departments!”


February 2010 Employee of the Month:
Rani Machoi, Libraries Information Technology

Submitted by John Culshaw, Administrative Services


Rani Machoi of Libraries Information Technology (LIT) is Employee of the Month for February 2010. For nearly two years, Rani has served as interim faculty director for the LIT department. Beyond simply keeping IT operations running, Rani worked tirelessly in this interim role to keep the Libraries moving forward in terms of IT. She played a critical role in ensuring that our technical infrastructure remained intact throughout the recent renovation and she also collaborated closely with ITS in order to make sure that all technologies were in place for the opening of the research services spaces and the Commons. Rani was an effective manager of the LIT department and guided other important projects along including IT skill competencies, LIT brown bags, campus identity management issues, staff and faculty computer replacements, streaming services, among others. She also worked hard to communicate technology issues to all Libraries departments throughout the renovations. Rani is a deserving recipient of the employee of the month award and I want to take this opportunity to recognize and thank her publically for her extraordinary service to the Libraries over the last 2 years.


January 2010 Employee of the Month:
Cyndie Hardey, Acquisitions

Submitted by Randall R. Key, Acquisitions


I would like to recommend Cyndie Hardey for receipt of the next available Employee of the Month Award, due to her consistently exemplary performance in the Serials Receiving unit of Acquisitions. Cyndie may be counted upon to provide maximum effort in her daily work, as well as in special projects. She maintains good working relations with her co-workers, is highly approachable, and is quite conscientious. She serves as a valuable resource for information on serials, possesses a sharp, inquisitive mind, and does not shy away from taking on extra work. She speaks her mind in a constructive manner that often brings new ideas to the table. It is time that she is recognized for the many assets she brings to the Libraries organization.

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