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The University Libraries’ Employee of the Month award is intended to recognize the special effort of faculty, staff, or student employees. The award is granted at the discretion of the Associate Director for Administration. To nominate an employee, please email a letter of support to John.Culshaw@colorado.edu.


December 2011 Employees of the Month:
Erin Grabowski

Submitted by Paul Moeller, Head of ERSA

Please allow me to nominate Erin Grabowski, Library Technician II in ERSA, for employee of the month. For several months Erin has taken on many of the duties normally carried out by a GP III. These duties include handling the ordering and renewal of serials and databases, subscription access problems, and vendor relations. Erin has managed these extra duties with efficiency and grace. She has taken them on without complaint and she continues to do her usual exemplary job with her primary duties. Erin’s thoroughness and work ethic are greatly appreciated and I believe her to be deserving of Employee of the Month.


November 2011 Employees of the Month:
Lisa Gould

Submitted by Charlene Kellsey, Acquisitions

I'd like to nominate Lisa Gould, LT III supervisor of the Monograph Ordering Unit in the Acquisitions Department. Lisa is in charge of all of the firm orders that go out to our vendors and last year there were over 11,000 of them! She also supervises the receiving of the Coutts approval books that come in weekly. With that kind of volume of orders, and the dozens of vendors we deal with, organization is essential, and Lisa excels at keeping on top of all of the orders, following up with vendors, and finding the best price and fastest delivery for the materials we acquire. Recently, she also began working with the Interlibrary Loan unit on a new purchase-on-demand pilot of purchasing, rather than borrowing, titles that are too new, or would be appropriate additions to the collections. Lisa is all about customer service to our internal colleagues, as well as the students and faculty who need the materials, and she accepts new challenges such as the POD pilot with cheerfulness and enthusiasm for finding the best ways to make them work.


Lisa is truly deserving of the Employee of the Month award; her competence, dedication, and hard work are truly appreciated.


October 2011 Employees of the Month:
Yessa Hargono

Submitted by Laura Wright, Government Information Library

I'd like to nominate one our student employees in Government Information, Yessa Hargono, for employee of the month. Yessa just almost single-handedly completed much of a major shift in our foreign collection in the basement. She has quickly learned shelving and processing Colorado documents and shelving UN documents (which have completely different filing rules), as well as completing numerous other tasks for us this summer.


In everything she does she is remarkably quick and accurate, she works independently, asks intelligent questions, and she does everything with a smile. On top of this, she frequently notices work that needs doing and offers to do it before we can ask her.


We feel lucky to work with Yessa.


September 2011 Employees of the Month:
Theresa Ortega, Crystal Falconer, Dave Carr

Submitted by Jack Maness, Engineering, Mathematics and Physics Library

Not surprisingly, I would like to nominate the staff of the Math-Physics Library, Theresa Ortega, Crystal Falconer, and Dave Carr for employees of the month.

Theresa's management of students during the project to close the Math-Physics library was flawless.  She used the budget wisely and effectively, provided needed quality-control of their work, and trained, motivated, and built relationships with students from at least three libraries to meet the project's goals and timelines. Crystal deftly managed literally thousands of pages of title lists,refined list searches in close collaboration with several units, and always thought a few weeks ahead so that problems were minimized and met preemptively.


Dave coordinated several discreet collections and their move to other libraries and units, and often acted as the face of the move during his time on the desk, by diplomatically explaining the impetus for it to students and faculty alike.  As a team, however, the staff simply outshined any one individual.  They handled the situation with humor,positivity, understanding, and flexibility.  They cooperated withe very one involved and worked very hard toward a project with ambitious goals -- simply put, they moved almost 70,000 items to no less than four different locations in approximately five months, and they did this while helping manage the message to our users, prepare for their new positions, and also conducted a thorough inventory of the collection in the process.  In many ways, though it is now in different locales,the Math-Physics collection has never been in better shape, and I believe we are now in a position to better serve these disciplines.  I am forever grateful to them all, and while I look forward to working with them in different contexts, I will always remember and miss our time together in the Oliver Lester Library of Mathematics & Physics.


August 2011 Employee of the Month:
Tim Leal, Libraries IT

Submitted by Katie Lage, Ilene Raynes, Brittany Reed

The staff of the Earth Sciences and Map Library would like to nominate Tim Leal for Employee of the Month. Ever since our flood on February 2nd, 2011, Tim and his students have had to come to Earth Sciences numerous times (sometimes several times in a day) in order to help with the rebuilding of our library’s computers. From that first day after the flood, when Tim and LIT staff had to come and assess and remove computers, through just this past week when Tim had to come back and reassemble more than a dozen of our computers, so that we could open after Spring Break, Tim has been an important part of our rebuilding efforts. In fact, during Spring Break week, it was Tim alone (minus students) who was over in our library, crawling under desks and tables, moving and setting up our computers and he did it all with a smile and no complaints. Because of Tim's hard work, we were able to get the library in order and ready for our reopening. Tim did all of this, on top of his regular duties.


Thank you, Tim, we appreciate your efforts!


July 2011 Employee of the Month:
Stephanie Alexander, Research & Instruction

Submitted by Research & Instruction

The department of Research and Instruction would like to nominate Stephanie Alexander for employee of the month, for her indefatigable efforts to improve the library experience of our users and to promote the services we have available.  Stephanie's good ideas and commitment to thinking about service from the user perspective allow us to reach students and faculty in better ways and to think about what we can do to really help them as they pursue their research.  We are proud to work with Stephanie.


Jennifer Kneivel
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Lynnette Leiker
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Erika Klein
Karen Campbell
Alison Graber
Alison Hicks
Mark Mabbett


June 2011 Employee of the Month:
Laura Burfield, Engineering Library

Submitted by Megan Bresnahan, Engineering Library

I am writing to nominate Laura Burfield, Library Technician II at the Engineering Library, for employee of the month.  Laura’s normally stellar work ethic has proved to be even more exceptional this month during the first phase of preparation for the closure of the Math Physics Library.  Laura’s role in this project has been high level; Laura has almost single-handedly coordinated the removal of over 30,000 volumes of bound journals from the Engineering Library to PASCAL and played a key role in a large shift of the Engineering Library’s print materials over spring break.  The former task was completed ahead of schedule due to Laura’s efficient management of available student labor and PSI’s pick-up schedule.  In addition, Laura helped coordinate a large and complicated shift of the Engineering Library’s collections in order to make room for the arrival of materials from the Math Physics Library. 
Laura not only managed these extra duties with ease and efficiency, she did them without complaint.  Her attitude throughout this process has been nothing but positive and flexible, and her contributions to these significant and important projects have been invaluable. 


May 2011 Employee of the Month:
Jane Zumwalt, Digital Resources Cataloging (CMS)

Submitted by Michael Dulock and Bethany Levrault (CMS)

For her services on behalf of the Digital Resources Cataloging unit of Cataloging & Metadata Services (CMS), I would like to recognize Jane Zumwalt as employee of the month. Jane’s focus when it comes to e-book cataloging has remained sharp and incisive throughout many changes and upheavals, such as the introduction of provider-neutral e-book cataloging guidelines and new e-book vendor practices. Jane distributes e-book titles to the other e-book catalogers in addition to cataloging many e-book titles herself. In addition to these recurring e-book duties, Jane is a steadfast volunteer for various digital projects, just recently including World War I pamphlets and Medieval Manuscripts. She assumed additional duties updating the status of the WWI materials in the Preservation database as they moved through the workflow from Preservation to CMS and back for digitization, which allowed me to redirect some of my time in other directions. Not only has the quality of her cataloging been exemplary, but her keen eye for detail has been an invaluable aid when updating related processes and procedures. For this work, as well as her other duties which I did not enumerate above, I feel Jane richly deserves to be recognized as employee of the month.

Michael Dulock, Metadata Librarian

To recognize her unique contributions to Cataloging & Metadata Services (CMS), I would like to nominate Jane Zumwalt, LTIII in the Copy Cataloging Unit, as employee of the month for March 2011. Since I became Jane’s supervisor in early fall of 2008, I have been impressed by Jane’s diligence and her responsible approach to her work as well as her superior intelligence, qualities she has brought to bear on many “sticky” situations related to workflow and processes. Her work is first-rate, and she is so detail-oriented that she often notices issues that no one else has, avoiding further problems down the line. Whenever there is a wrinkle in a workflow process, she is the first to inform me, and often already has a solution in mind. In addition, she has effectively taken over the monitoring of the student budget and therefore has freed up my time for other work. It is for these reasons as well as numerous others that I think Jane is a highly-qualified candidate for the Employee of the Month award.

Bethany Levrault, Head of Copy Cataloging



April 2011 Employee of the Month:
Andrew Violet, Planning & Promotions

Submitted by Kris McCusker, Special Collections

I nominate Andrew Violet as Employee of the Month.  It delights me (a former art major) to see Norlin transformed by all the artworks scattered throughout the building.  No matter where one walks, there is something new and interesting to look at.  Norlin is a challenging building, which for all my years of working here has seemed industrial and gray, especially miserable at night.  Now, coupled with the renovations and changes (including the clear and cohesive new signage), there are bright colors everywhere, and paintings that sometimes comfort and often challenge.  It is a sensory waker-upper to move through the building not to mention a more welcoming space.  And as someone who is an obsessive exhibit-tweaker myself, I appreciate just how much very hard work goes into the selection, placement, and promotion that Andrew does along with Deborah Fink.


We are lucky in Special Collections to have an exhibit space right across from our department.  If you haven’t made it point, check out the Chinese characters display, the Wally Carson paintings and sculptures, the Book Arts cases, the Harlem Renaissance display, and the computer exhibit near the East entrance.  Thanks for the wealth of visual stimulus.



March 2011 Employees of the Month:
First responders to the Earth Sciences and Map Library Flood

Submitted by Suzanne T. Larsen, Public Services


A pipe broke in the ceiling of the instruction room in the back of the Earth Sciences and Map Library at 10:30 pm on Wednesday, February 2, 2011. While the water was shut off by the fire department within 20 minutes, a great deal of water flooded the Library and beyond, with the most damage being done on the lower level where most of the materials are housed. Jim Williams was called by a police officer who incorrectly appraised the damage as not severe at about midnight. He called me and I called Katie with the same news. Carl Stewart was on site between 1 and 2 am and correctly determined the damage to be severe. He immediately called Balfour, the emergency response company. He was in touch with Katie Lage in those early morning hours to relay the realistic damage estimation and at a more respectable time put a call out to the Emergency Response Team. By the time I got in at about 8am on Thursday, the rescue work was already well underway, with more troops arriving through the day. First order was to pull the wet books, fan them out, place paper towels in the wettest, and identify the worst of them to be set aside for freezing. Damaged maps were also pulled out and dried. Everyone worked quickly and efficiently under Carl’s direction. This sort of triage continued for several days.

At this time, more than a month later, the Earth Science Library is still inaccessible with a recarpeting project almost complete and a plan to fix the compact shelving, which was made in operable by the flooding, in progress. It is hoped that the Library will reopen for limited service by Spring Break.

I am nominating the faculty, staff and students who responded that first day and worked so diligently to save the collection. Staff and Faculty from various departments and the Emergency Response Team are Nichole Blechynden, Jennifer Sanchez, Greg Robl, Natalia Nilva, David Carr, Ilene Raynes, Naomi Heiser, Erika Klein, Laura Wright, Paul Moeller and Katie Lage. Students who made a significant contribution that day are Jamie Johnson, Eric Nguyen , and Shelby Marcario. And of course there is our fearless leader who worked many, many hours over the course of the emergency, Carl Stewart.



February 2011 Employee of the Month:
Svetlana Stepanyan, Acquisitions

Submitted by Charlene Kellsey and Lisa Marie Gould, Acquisitions


I would like to nominate Svetlana Stepanyan for employee of the month. Lana is a great asset to the Acquisitions Department and the Libraries. She works endlessly to achieve perfection and consistently goes beyond the expectations of her supervisor and colleagues. She is always willing to take on additional assignments and works with diligence to complete all her work.

I regularly receive emails and telephone calls praising Lana for her extra efforts in locating difficult to find materials for the collection, as well as her exemplary work on Russian Cataloging. Her smiling and cheerful attitude helps everyone in our department stay positive and upbeat.




I concur with Lisa’s nomination. Lana pursues searching for hard-to-find library materials with determination and hates to give up until she has found a source from which we can purchase the item. Her exemplary work on the Russian cataloging in cooperation with CMS means that we do not have to ship those materials out for expensive cataloging from OCLC. She is very deserving of the employee of the month award.





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