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The University Libraries’ Employee of the Month award is intended to recognize the special effort of faculty, staff, or student employees. The award is granted at the discretion of the Associate Director for Administration. To nominate an employee, please email a letter of support to John.Culshaw@colorado.edu.


December 2012 Employee of the Month:
Yuko Marshall
Submitted by Bethany R. Levrault & Windy Lundy, Metadata Services Department

We would like to nominate Yuko Marshall as Employee of the Month. In her current role as LTII with Japanese-language cataloging emphasis, Yuko has become a truly valued member of the Metadata Services Department.  Yuko contributes heavily to the department’s cataloging of all types of materials: printed books, electronic books, federal and international government documents, Special Collections materials, and microform. She also contributes to the process of verifying or correcting unmatched headings in bibliographic records that result from our authority control processes with Backstage Library Works. Her work is extremely fast and accurate, and she learns new procedures quickly. She shows good judgment and a positive attitude, and her smile often seems to light up the entire room – a great morale booster!


Over the past few years, she has helped to sort out thorny issues with microform materials and has continued to be indispensable whenever there is a new project of any type or scope. During the segue to a new ARL statistics-gathering process, she helped fix coding in the local system to improve the accuracy of our material counts. Most recently, she has helped to sort out the cataloging of a large, complicated set of Tibetan materials and has taken it upon herself to learn more about Library of Congress Subject Headings to help inform her work with Japanese materials. It is for all these reasons and many more that we would like to nominate her for Employee of the Month.


November 2012 Employee of the Month:
Debra Van Tassel
Submitted by Peggy Jobe, Government Information

On behalf of my department, I would like to nominate Deb Van Tassel to be employee of the month. Personnel in my department asked me to nominate Deb for this well-deserved honor.


Deb has done an exemplary job planning and managing the consolidation of the federal collection of government documents and managing the item conversion process. Under her leadership the process is running smoothly. We fully anticipate clearing M350 by the end of December. Deb documented and continually updates the decisions we have made about series to catalog and/or send off site. She keeps a running total of the linear feet of shelving needed to accommodate the shift, prepares training materials and trains the students. She also communicates and problem-solves with MS on issues relating to cataloging of government publications and updates the Libraries on the progress of the project. Although she could not do it alone, she is the principal architect of this process. 


October 2012 Employee of the Month:
Beth David, Steve Mascaro, Steve Mantz, and Anita Ortman
Submitted by Laurie Sampsel, Music Library

I'm writing to nominate Beth David, Steve Mascaro, Steve Mantz, and Anita Ortman for employees of the month.


Beth, Steve, Steve, and Anita really pitched in to help prep the Waltz Music Library for new carpet installation. Not only did this mean cleaning up their own desks and workspaces, but it also involved prepping various parts of the collection, stacks, equipment, and so on. It was a really big job, and they pulled if off with grace. In addition, because the carpet installation took three weeks, it meant taking vacation time or finding another space to work for these four. Again, everyone kept their chin up and keep their eyes on the prize. We now have a library that looks so much better. No more late 70s rust carpet for us!


I really appreciate all their hard work. I absolutely could not have done it without them!


September 2012 Employee of the Month:
Landmarks Exhibit Team: Michael Riberdy, Andrew Kaczmarek, Joe Cosenza, Jingge Xie, Holley Long, Gor Djiganian, Michael Dulock, Andrew Violet, Ilene Raynes, Naomi Heiser, and Lauren Ottaviano

Submitted by Deborah Hollis

On June 7th, Special Collections successfully opened the department’s current display: Landmarks: Selections from the Women Poets of the Romantic Period Collection. On July 6th, Michael Riberdy sent an email in which he announced that the video Landmarks  that he and his staff made had been posted to the Libraries YouTube channel. Unless you attended the twentieth British Women Writers Conference (BWWC) hosted this year by the University’s Department of English, you may not know the whole story behind this video and the exhibit itself.


The creation of the exhibit and the production of the video struck the staff of Special Collections as an example of many library colleagues working in concert with campus colleagues to support an event of international scope.

Special Collections houses one of the premier collections of British women writers, and certainly this may have drawn the BWWC to UCB this year. But the conference’s success—and the exhibit’s success—were, in large part, because of the work of many colleagues who work outside the department. Some are faculty, some are staff, and many are students.


The UCB Department of English hosted this conference at the Millennium Hotel in Boulder, and the local arrangements committee consisted of Professor Jill Heydt-Stevenson and two Ph.D. candidates: Ms. Kirstyn Leuner, and Ms. Kelli Towers Jasper. The Landmarks exhibit, curated by Kirstyn, features selections from the Women Poets of the Romantic Period (WPRP) Collection and was designed by Museum and Field Studies graduate student Danielle Forte. It was delightful to watch Kirstyn and Danielle create an exhibit that is eye-catching and thematically arranged. The staff in Special Collections learned from their enthusiasm and inspiration. Many patrons from the conference and otherwise have commented about the aesthetics and content of the exhibit.


Special Collections approached Michael Riberdy about filming the Landmarks exhibit just weeks before the BWWC convened, and he and his students graciously accepted the challenge of filming the exhibit in time for the June 7th keynote speaker and celebration which was held in the Center for British and Irish Studies.


Not only has Michael been good natured and flexible in responding to requests for additional edits of the exhibit video, he and his student assistants Andrew Kaczmarek, Joe Cosenza, and Jingge Xie filmed the part of the BWWC that took place in CBIS and are currently editing  this work for release later this summer. And it is this work that was both key to promoting the graduate-student curated exhibit and an example of the libraries’ support of the university’s teaching mission.


Conference attendees were impressed with the growing selection of works that are now freely available for teaching and research in Luna. Faculty who teach at smaller colleges and universities both in the US and abroad expressed enthusiasm and gratitude for the resources that they can use in an age when their home institutions cannot afford the fee-based databases that support their discipline.


That could not have happened without the significant contributions by LIT colleagues Holley Long, her student assistant, Gor Djiganian, and Metadata Services colleague Michael Dulock who made a selection of WPRP titles available in Luna in time for the BWWC. All of them allowed us to interrupt their workflow to focus on this exhibit. Their work was stellar.


And lastly, but no less important, the following colleagues assisted with the Landmarks exhibit: Andrew Violet (Planning and Promotions), who remained unflappable during the poster creation (and several re-creations); Ilene Raynes and Naomi Heiser (Map Library), who found suitable materials to lend Special Collections for the exhibit; Lauren Ottaviano (Preservation) who matted and framed frail and aged items in a manner so that they could be included in the exhibit; and recently-retired colleague Sue Williams.


It is because of their collaboration, hard work, intelligent and thoughtful contributions, and time that Special Collections nominates the following Libraries colleagues as Employee of the Month:  Michael Riberdy, Andrew Kaczmarek, Joe Cosenza, Jingge Xie, Holley Long, Gor Djiganian, Michael Dulock, Andrew Violet, Ilene Raynes, Naomi Heiser, and Lauren Ottaviano. We in Special Collections appreciate working with these generous and talented Libraries colleagues and want to thank them publicly for making the Landmarks exhibit such a success.


August 2012 Employee of the Month:
Jennifer Davis, Metadata Services

Submitted by Helene McHendry

I would like to nominate Jennifer Davis for Employee of the Month. Jennifer Davis is a serials cataloging specialist and she spends her time cataloging new serials, cataloging serials for Special Collections, upgrading national records and then contributing them to OCLC as part of the CONSER Cataloging Cooperative. Jennifer is also our unit’s microform specialist. If you ever need to find a serial that is in micro format, ask her first. If she cannot find it, then no one can. Jennifer also balances her everyday work assignments with many special projects. Some of these include the Special Collections Transfer project, holdings verification projects, and a Gov Info cataloging project. In addition to her work, she is also a Staff Council representative and acts as an assistant to Thea Lindquist.


July 2012 Employee of the Month:
Naomi Seko, Acquisitions

Submitted by Charlene Kellsey, Acquisitions

I would like to nominate Naomi Seko for employee of the month. Naomi manages the Monograph Receiving team of Acquisitions, which is responsible for receiving, checking in, and doing Fastcat and copy cataloging for the thousands of titles purchased each year by the Libraries. Her attention to detail and thorough follow-up on problem orders and invoices is essential to making sure faculty, staff and students receive the items they need in a timely manner and that university funds are properly accounted for. She is also responsible for the gifts-in-kind that are received by the Libraries, and her competent organization and management of the processing of several large backlogged gifts means that they will soon be completed and those materials available for use. This is a significant accomplishment, since some of them had languished in the warehouse or the basement for over ten years. Naomi also supervises the student assistants and consistently finds us competent, hard-working students who often continue to work for us over several years. Naomi’s quiet good sense and flexibility in covering the needs of the department when necessary is much appreciated by all of us in Acquisitions. For all of these reasons, I believe she is very deserving of the employee of the month award.


June 2012 Employee of the Month:
The Kaltura Team: Sandy Harriss, Barry Ratliff, Michael Riberdy, Constance Stallard

Submitted by Brice Austin, Rice Majors, and Steve Mantz

We would like to nominate Sandy Harriss, Barry Ratliff, Michael Riberdy and Constance Stallard for their considerable efforts expended towards integrating Kaltura, the new streaming server purchased for campus use, into our Course Reserves workflow. When Kaltura was purchased in the summer of 2011 to replace the private portion of iTunesU and provide new streaming capabilities to the campus, we had envisioned its relationship to Reserves as being fairly straightforward: we would merely link from our current Reserves module in Millennium to content stored in Kaltura, upon faculty request. However, as with so many things, that relationship has turned out to be anything but straightforward. In fact, almost everything about Kaltura and how it interfaces with Reserves has proven to be a challenge, from technical matters (e.g., proper format and metadata for the digital objects) to workflow (e.g., integration of Kaltura "playlists" into existing processes for scanned articles and regular old books), to intellectual property issues (e.g., what does it mean if Professor A determined a streamed copy of "My Fair Lady" is Fair Use for her class, but now Professor B has access to it as well through Kaltura?). Many, perhaps most, of these issues continue to be challenges and may not be resolved for some time; nevertheless Barry, Sandy, Michael, and Constance have found ways to make things work, ensuring that Kaltura, a very powerful and flexible tool for furthering the educational mission of the University, can be leveraged right away for use by our faculty and students within a Course Reserves setting.


May 2012 Employee of the Month:
Thea Lindquist

Submitted by Jennifer Knievel, Humanities Department

Every person participates in their workplace on multiple levels: professional, personal, physical, emotional, etc. The following people would like to nominate Thea Lindquist for Employee of the Month, in recognition for starting keppijumppa. It helps bolster a healthy work environment, allowing people to physically relax, emotionally de-stress, and personally connect with people they don't necessarily get to see all the time, all without requiring a prohibitive amount of time. Thea's commitment to finding time, space, and music, as well as leading us all in the exercises, make the libraries a better place to work.


Signed, Jennifer Knievel, Erika Klein, Laura Ruttum Senturia, Dylan Wiersma, Cheryl Koelling, Karen Campbell, Lynnette Leiker.


April 2012 Employee of the Month:
Teresa Gergen, Metadata Services

Submitted by Helene McHendry, Metadata Services

I would like to nominate Teresa Gergen for Employee of the Month. Teresa is a serials cataloging specialist and spends her time here cataloging new serials, cataloging serials for Special Collections, upgrading national records and contributing them to OCLC as part of CONSER Cataloging Cooperative. In addition, Teresa also is participating in a number of special cataloging projects. These include cataloging Gov Info and Special Collections materials so they may be moved off-site, verifying and fixing holdings for the Archives newspaper collection, and re-cataloging some of our left-over latest entry cataloging records to the national standard of successive cataloging. Teresa is the first person I go to after I have written procedures. She reads them over, makes sure they are clear and then takes them “out for a test ride.” She always gives me great feedback that helps our many projects run so smoothly. Teresa and I have worked together for more than 15 years. In all that time she has always happily accepted every new project and work change with both an open mind and open hands. She is truly an asset to the Libraries.


March 2012 Employee of the Month:
Betty Grebe, Business Library

Submitted by Gene Hayworth, Business Library

I am very pleased to nominate Betty Grebe for the University Libraries Employee of the Month. Betty started at the University Libraries in Acquisitions and also worked in ILL before coming to the Business Library in 1995. She has been with the Business Library for sixteen years, and in that time she has played a significant role in supporting many changes. Betty has forged important relationships with our colleagues in the Leeds School of Business, and she has developed a reputation for her knowledge of the collection and her willingness to assist faculty, students and staff in using library materials effectively. She is often called upon to serve as our “institutional memory” and her knowledge of our collection is invaluable.


Betty supervises one Tech II and approximately 13 student employees. She has managed to create an efficient, diverse team of individuals who work well together and respect one another's differences. Betty thinks ahead when interviewing students, often hiring new students in the summer in order to have them trained before the fall semester begins. She has created an atmosphere of congeniality that has allowed us to retain the majority of our student workers for the entire four years of their studies here. But Betty is also clear about her expectations and uses clear judgment when evaluating student performance. The fact that two of her student workers have gone on to attend library school is a testament to Betty's leadership ability and the fact that she encourages students to pursue librarianship as a career is to be commended. Betty has a thorough knowledge of circulation processing and does an excellent job of working with patrons to resolve problems.


Betty effectively manages the student budget and reports the budget in a timely manner. She never goes over budget and communicates any issues effectively. She monitors the circ desk schedule and makes sure that it is covered at all times, even when she has to cover when a student is absent due to illness or other reasons. In addition to staffing the circulation desk, Betty provides reference throughout the course of the week, both on the reference desk and during her office hours. She is very self motivated when it comes to learning our databases and other resources, and answers reference questions thoroughly and courteously.


Betty is always willing to take on new projects and her enthusiasm is much appreciated. Last year, she also took on the responsibility for supervising the book paging and article delivery services, and this year helped make the transition to the "New Campus Purchasing System," without any disruption to our operations. She takes a real interest in our collections and often offers great suggestions for possible purchases. She is a real asset to the University Libraries.


February 2012 Employee of the Month:
Diana Anderson, Original Cataloger, Metadata Services

Submitted by Windy Lundy, CMS

I would like to nominate Diana Anderson for Employee of the Month. Diana is a valued original cataloger on the Monographic Team in MS who is responsible for cataloging new monographic acquisitions in many languages and on all subjects. She creates bibliographic records according to the standards of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging, creates and enhances name and series authority records for the national authority file through the Name Authority Cooperative (NACO), and submits subject heading and classification proposals to the Library of Congress. In 2011, the Monographic Team experienced the retirement of one original cataloger and the resignation of another. Their departure means that Diana currently has the responsibility of the bulk of the original cataloging for new acquisitions and she does a great portion of the NACO work derived from the work of the copy catalogers. In addition, she does original cataloging for projects in Special Collections and is currently working on the Alan Scuba Photobook Collection. Diana also does database maintenance and authority work resulting from the monthly and original basefile reports we have received from Backstage Library Works, our authority control vendor. She is a member of the RDA Task Force and was involved in our participation as an informal participant in the RDA U.S. National Test. Diana cheerfully advises other catalogers on their bibliographic and authority questions. Remarkably, she does all of this in two days a week!      


January 2012 Employee of the Month:
Megan Lambert, Preservation

Submitted by Kay Moller, Preservation

Megan Lambert has been a terrific asset to our department and the Libraries. I've been meaning to nominate her for Employee of the Month for some time.

She's taken on a number of special projects, and has always handled them effectively and efficiently.   She has a creative mind and has come up with a lot of great ideas.

The Lebowitz project requires a lot of special handling from our department, and Megan has been the one supervising the students who work on them and pack them to be shipped to Pascal.

Megan also created a system for tracking the work and keeping our statistics current. She helps train and often oversees the students performing a wide variety of repairs and other tasks. She's very good at training students; they find her approachable and always willing to answer their questions.


In 2010 she worked on Preservation's part of the WWI digitization project, and Holley Long had this to say about her:


"Megan has been an invaluable member of the WWI digitization project team. Megan is always pleasant to work with and very knowledgeable about the details of the project. Most recently, she prepared and packed over 900 items-- a complicated operation that involved close attention-to-detail and coordination with co-workers across various departments. I really appreciate Megan's hard work on this project and would like to recognize her for her contributions to the Libraries."


When Music Special Collections decided to have boxes made for over 1,000 items, Megan took it on, going there to measure the books and order the boxes from the commercial bindery, and labeling the boxes here when they arrived.


All of these special projects have been in addition to her regular duties repairing books, which she does beautifully. She has juggled all these commitments gracefully and cheerfully, and is always willing to take the time to track down a book that's urgently needed for reserves or rushes. People in other departments often tell me how helpful and knowledgeable she is.  She has taken on additional duties a number of times, to cover for absences or for positions temporarily unfilled.


As of February 1, Megan will be in a new position in Access Services, heading her own unit called Circulating Collections Care. She and her student employees will take care of all the books that can be mended quickly to get them on their way. She'll still stay in M150 and work closely with Preservation, but has already started planning and organizing her new  operation. I know she'll do an excellent job.  


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