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Libraries Policies:
     Libraries Emergency Closure Policy

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In an emergency, the Chancellor may decide to close the campus. Since Norlin Library of the University Libraries is a designated “Special Use Facility” the appointing authority (Dean or designated alternate), may schedule Norlin library to be open separately as long as health, safety and physical well-being of users, libraries’ employees and facilities can be maintained.

In addition to security and/or building management staff, the appointing authority may ask other staff to work, as is possible, to perform Libraries essential functions of business continuity. Needs will be different depending on many factors including the academic calendar, annual or monthly calendar, the duration of the closure and any Libraries or Norlin scheduled events.

All branch libraries will be closed when campus is closed. The authority to close the buildings that house these libraries is made by individual proctors and/or administrators, outside of University Libraries. If a situation necessitates opening a branch library, the appointing authority will consult with the appropriate Department Director, Building Proctor, Branch Head and Branch Operations Manager to see if it is possible to maintain health, safety and physical well-being of personnel and facilities and if the building(s) is open.

If the University Libraries is to deviate from a campus closure, an email will be sent to the Libraries listserv within an hour of the Chancellor’s announcement of a campus schedule change. If employees cannot access their email, alternate means of emergency communication need to be in place for communication between supervisors and staff. As possible, the Libraries’ website, intranet sites, text and email will provide information about closure and Libraries exceptions.

In the event of a campus closure, the University Libraries will follow the campus leave policy. See http://www.colorado.edu/policies/campus-closing-procedures-during-emergencies. Employees who need to take time off for campus emergency closings will not be penalized.