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     Release Time for Continuing Education Policy

The University Libraries supports the participation of its faculty, staff, and students in job-related continuing education activities.


To qualify as job-related, an activity must serve to improve or enhance the employee’s technical skills, subject expertise, ability to communicate with and manage people and workflow, provide representation in relevant associations, or contribute to the library profession or to the University community in a broader sense.


Administrative leave
"Administrative leave with pay may be granted for approved meetings or conferences or for other purposes which the appointing authority deems for the good of the state." (State of Colorado Handbook, p.16)


Educational leave
"When recommended and justified by the appointing authority, educational leave with full, partial or no pay may be granted for a specified period. Such leave shall be granted only for courses or programs directly related to the employee’s work and where the increased knowledge obtained shall benefit the state." (State of Colorado Handbook, p.15)

The Code of Colorado Regulations (P7-4-5) specifies conditions under which employees using educational leave accrue annual and sick leave.



  1. The employee fills out a Leave Request Form and attaches a short memo, describing the activity for which he or she is requesting leave. The form and memo are forwarded to the employee’s immediate supervisor and/or department head.

  2. The department head has authority to approve up to eight (8) hours per week for a period of one semester; or, five (5) consecutive days of administrative leave.

  3. Requests for greater amounts of time for educational purposes are considered educational leave as defined by the state. These requests must be approved by the department head and associate director.

  4. Requests for financial support for continuing education must be handled separately.

  5. Timeline: Whenever possible, the employee will submit his or her request 30 days before the planned event. Supervisors, whenever possible, will respond to the request within five (5) business days from receipt.

Factors Considered in Evaluating Requests

The supervisor has an obligation to assist employees in seeking appropriate education and training, as well as to maintain operations within his or her work unit. Requests for release time for continuing education are honored at the supervisor’s discretion, taking into account such factors as workloads, the academic calendar, availability of other staff, etc.

When more people from a unit than can be spared wish to participate in an educational activity, the overriding factor to be considered is for whom the skill or information is most vital. Who has or has not participated in such activities recently may also be considered.


If an employee and supervisor regularly and consistently disagree on appropriate continuing educational opportunities, they are advised to consult with their Associate Director to resolve the situation.


Approved in Cabinet November 26, 1996