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     Cross-training for Faculty and Staff


Cross-training is the process of being trained to do tasks outside one’s job description. Cross-training can serve a variety of purposes, primarily to sustain and improve service quality. Also, cross-training may help to better understand one’s own job; to provide a back-up for other staff; to provide job variety; to provide ergonomic diversity; to be able to fill in if work loads change; to expand the knowledge base of the organization; to foster a sense of community, and may support upward mobility. Cross-training will broaden overall understanding of each department’s function and contribution to the University Libraries operation.



Cross-training is a temporary assignment and should not be included in the individual’s job description. Request for training does not need to be directly related to current position but should be within the University Libraries. Request does not require reciprocal staffing to the individual’s home department. The individual continues to maintain his/her current compensation rate.



Initiates formally or informally by speaking to immediate supervisor and to supervisor in destination(hosting) department to determine feasibility of request and  project or type of training desired.


Once appropriate supervisors have okayed the training and time format for training, the individual fills out the Cross-training Request Form. When the cross-training is finished, the participating individual writes a brief report on the Cross-training Report Form about what was learned and whether the new knowledge can be applied to current position. The form then becomes part of the individual’s personnel file.



Discuss(es) with requesting individual the proposed cross-training request and approve(s) what amounts to a differentiated work load for the duration of the cross-training. Appropriate supervisors sign Cross-training Request Form and include form with individual’s personnel file. At the conclusion of training the hosting supervisor should provide a statement about the training activity that took place and, if appropriate, an evaluation of performance. In addition, the hosting supervisor should see that the report form is copied to everyone indicated on the Cross-training Report Form.


Final approval in Council 4/18/2001