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     Leave Policy for Libraries Faculty

see Board of Regents: Policy 11: Compensation


Annual Personal Leave (Vacation)

  1. Accrual
    Faculty on twelve-month appointments are eligible to receive twenty-two (22) working days of paid vacation annually.  Part-time faculty earn vacation on a prorated basis.  Upon approval by the supervisor, vacation may be taken as earned.  Under no circumstances may vacation accrual exceed forty-four (44) days except as indicated below.  Forfeiture of vacation in excess of the maximum accrual occurs on June 30 of each year.  Forfeited vacation may be donated to the Boulder Campus Leave Bank (use of leave bank limited to classified staff).

    In extraordinary circumstances, if a supervisor in unable to grant an employee’s request to use earned vacation prior to July 1 because of business necessity, the supervisor may allow the employee to carry forward vacation accrual in excess of forty-four days until no later than September 1 of the same year.  An employee must be permitted to use vacation that is subject to forfeiture before September 1.  Under no circumstances will an employee receive payment for more than forty-four days vacation upon retirement.

  2. Compensation
    Direct compensation in not provided in lieu of use of earned vacation.  Upon termination of employment or retirement, however, direct payment is made in the equivalent amount of the employee’s earned unused vacation time up to a maximum of forty-four days.

  3. Holidays
    When a holiday occurs during a vacation, the holiday is not considered a day of vacation time.

  4. Leave Without Pay
    Vacation accrual is frozen during periods of leave without pay.

Sick Leave

  1. Accrual:  Full-time faculty on twelve-month appointments are eligible to receive fifteen (15) working days of paid sick leave annually.  There is no limit on how much sick leave an employee may accrue.  Part-time faculty on twelve-month appointments accrue sick leave on a prorated basis.

  2. Usage:  Sick leave should be used when the employee is unable to perform his/her job because of an illness or injury not covered by workers’ compensation.  Sick leave may also be granted for dental and medical appointments with the supervisor’s approval.  Employees are limited to five days of accrued sick leave per year to care for members of their immediate family who are ill or to take an immediate family member to a medical or dental appointment.  Employees may use all their accrued sick leave as necessary in order to care for a member of the employee’s immediate family with a serious health condition.

  3. Compensation for Unused Sick Leave:  As stated above, there is no limit on sick leave accrual.  There is, however, a limit on compensation for earned unused sick leave when employees resign, retire, or are laid off and meet age and service requirements for retirement.  Upon termination, these employees are compensated for one-fourth (1/4) of their unused sick leave accrual up to a maximum of one-fourth(1/4) of 120 days accrual, which is the equivalent of compensation for thirty days, except as noted in the grandfather clause below.

    For faculty members on twelve-month appointments, compensation will be based upon documented departmental sick leave records verified as of May 1, 2001.

    If an employee dies while in service, the widow(er) or estate will be compensated for one-fourth of the employee’s unused sick leave up to a maximum accrual of 120 days (the equivalent of payment for thirty days) except as noted in the grandfather clause below.

    Grandfather clause:  Employees who have earned unused sick leave in excess of 120 days on May 1, 2001, will be eligible to receive payment for one-fourth of that sick leave balance or any unused portion of the balance when they terminate if they meet the age and service requirements for retirement (or upon death).  The sick leave balance effective May 1, 2001, must be documented and approved on a University leave record form or equivalent form.  If the sick leave balance upon termination or death is less than the approved, documented balance on May 1, 2001, any payment shall be for one-fourth of the lesser balance.

Other Leaves

  1. Court and Jury Leave
    Officers, exempt professionals, and faculty on twelve-month appointments are granted jury leave with full pay for the period of jury duty.  When an employee appears as a witness under subpoena or direction of the proper authority, he/she is granted paid court leave for such service.  Compensation received by employees for jury duty or as a witness, with the exception of parking and other verified expenses, must be returned to the university.

    If an employee appears in court in an individual capacity without being served a subpoena, the employee will use vacation leave or leave without pay.  Any compensation received by the employee may be kept.

  2. Funeral Leave
    Faculty on twelve-month appointments may receive up to five paid working days of funeral leave to arrange for and attend the funeral of a member of the employee’s or spouse’s immediate family when they would otherwise have to work.  Immediate family members include spouse, children, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, mothers-in-law, fathers-in-law, sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, and daughters-in-law.  A supervisor may allow an employee to receive up to five paid working days of funeral leave for other individuals not included in this definition.

  3. Leave for Job-Related Illnesses and Injuries
    Faculty on twelve-month appointments who suffer an injury or illness in the line of duty covered by workers’ compensation are granted up to ninety (90) days of paid injury leave.  These benefits replace the more limited coverage of workers’ compensation insurance that is waived by the employee during the ninety (90) days of injury leave.  If an employee is unable to return to work after that time, he/she is eligible to take accrued vacation and sick leave with full pay in addition to workers’ compensation.

  4. Leave Without Pay
    Faculty on twelve-month appointments may be granted leave without pay for valid reasons for a period not to exceed twelve months.  Such leaves must be approved by the employee’s supervisor, the dean, and the chancellor.  Leave without pay will not be granted until all vacation leave is exhausted unless otherwise requested by the employee and approved by the supervisor.  Extensions beyond the twelve-month period must be approved by the dean and the chancellor.  During periods of leave without pay, except for military leave, the employee does not accrue vacation and sick leave.  Prior to such leaves, employees should check with the payroll/benefits service center regarding health insurance payments and possible effects on retirement.

  5. Military Leave
    Use of military leave shall be consistent with State and federal laws.  Upon presentation of proper military orders, a faculty member on a twelve-month appointment who is a reservist or member of the National Guard is granted fifteen calendar days of leave with pay to attend training or active service.  This leave is not charged to vacation leave.

    A faculty member on a twelve-month appointment who enters military service is granted military leave without pay until the end of the initial period of service plus any period of additional service imposed by law.  If the employee fails to return to the University after this period or voluntarily extends military service beyond the initial period, the employee is considered to have resigned.

  6. Parental Leave:  Parental leave benefits are available as stipulated in Regent policy and the University’s administrative policy statement on parental leave (see http://www.cusys.edu/~policies/Personnel/parentalleave.html).

  7. Administrative Leave with pay, educational leave with pay, and compensatory time as defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act are not leave benefits available to faculty on twelve-month appointments.

  8. Volunteer Leave
    The Dean of the University Libraries has determined that Libraries faculty are eligible for school and volunteer leave up to sixteen hours per employee per fiscal year.  This leave does not accrue, cannot be carried over from one year to the next, and cannot be given to another employee.  Flexibility in the interpretation of activities suitable for this type of leave is encouraged.


Faculty on twelve-month appointments receive the same ten paid holidays per year as do employees in the state classified system.  In addition to the ten official campus holidays and the governor’s holiday, the Libraries faculty may take three days of leave during the December-January intersession in order to come closer to parity with the instructional faculty.  If a faculty member must work on a scheduled holiday, he/she will be granted another day off.

Family and Medical Leave

For current information, please go to the University of Colorado System’s Administrative Policy Statements web site at http://www.cusys.edu/~policies/Personnel/fmla.html.