UCB Libraries


Libraries Policies:
     Faculty Study Policy

  1. All regular full-time members of the University of Colorado Boulder faculty with active or emeritus status are eligible for access to the Faculty Study. 

  2. Space is limited and will be assigned by the Associate Dean for Collections and Services on a shared use basis. All workspaces will be shared.

  3. Access to the Faculty Study is limited to those faculty members who have been assigned space.  Access is via BuffOneCard swipe.  Faculty members may not delegate lockers or workspaces assigned to them.  Locker keys are issued by the Libraries; there is a $5.00 replacement charge for lost keys.

  4. Locker and workspace assignments are for a maximum of one year and expire on May 15.  Lockers and workspaces not renewed must be vacated by May 31.  New assignments will be made by July 1.  Faculty Study access may be renewed at the end of the assigned period.  It is the responsibility of the faculty member to notify the Office of the Associate Dean for Collections and Services when access is no longer needed.

  5. The Faculty Study is for research and scholarship only and is not intended as office or conference space. 

  6. Applications for access to the Faculty Study will be made in writing to the Associate Dean for Collections and Services, Norlin Library, N408, on application forms available online.  If the Study is over-subscribed, applications will be filled in the order they were received and additional applications will be held for the semester in case space becomes available.

  7. Faculty with specific research projects that require library materials which cannot, or can only with difficulty, be used away from the library will have priority access.

  8. The Faculty Study is furnished and equipped for faculty use as is.  No furniture is to be moved from or introduced into the Study except by arrangement with the Office of the Associate Dean for Collections and Services.  Walls and doors must be kept free of nails, tape or any other methods of affixing objects, curtains, etc.

  9. The Office of the Associate Dean for Collections and Services will not unlock lockers for any person other than the one to whom the key was originally issued.

  10. Damage to any furniture or equipment and necessary repairs or replacements should be reported immediately to the Office of the Associate Dean for Collections and Services.

  11. Library materials stored in the Faculty Study must be checked out.

  12. The Libraries does not provide technology assistance in this space.  For assistance, contact OIT.