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     Function Management Policy

The importance of consistent use of Chinook as well as the need to protect the integrity, and in some cases, the confidentiality of certain data, requires that certain individuals be assigned the authority to determine practice for, monitor, and oversee use of the functional modules within Chinook. Assignments are made to individuals by virtue of their positions. These individuals exercise this authority within the framework of Libraries and University policies. Appropriate consultation with interested parties is expected within this framework.


This authority is described in computer terminology as "system ownership" or "function ownership." Individuals holding such authority in the Libraries will be referred to as function managers. Function managers set standards for operations within the system or module concerned, determine who shall receive security clearance, determine practice for the functions for which they are responsible, and oversee the use of these functions. Each function manager is also responsible for maintaining parameters, code tables, etc., for that function.


Functions within Chinook for which there are designated managers include:

Acquisitions Head of Acquisitions
Authority Control Head of Cataloging
Cataloging Head of Cataloging
Circulation Head of Circulation
Online Catalog/Gateway Associate Director of Public Services
Serials Control Head of Serials


Responsibilities for types of records have also been delegated:

authority Head of Cataloging
bibliographic Head of Cataloging
checkin Head of Serials
course Head of Circulation
informational/help records/gateway Associate Director of Public Services
item Head of Cataloging
order Head of Acquisitions
patron Head of Circulation
patron financial records Head of Circulation
vendor Head of Acquisitions


Management of, or responsibility for individual functions is distinct from responsibility for operation of the system as a whole. The Chinook Oversight Group (COG) is a committee composed of the function managers or their designees. COG is responsible jointly for coordination between functions and general oversight of system operations. Responsibility for assuring the software and equipment of the entire system is functioning satisfactorily rests with the Systems Department, with the Systems Librarian serving as system operator.