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Libraries Policies:
     Parking Permit Allocation Policy

The Libraries has an allocation of approximately 100 parking spaces, with 80% in core lots (those within close proximity to one's place of work).


Parking permits allocated to the Libraries in the core lots shall be accessible [as space allows] to faculty and staff working in the Libraries, using the following order of priority: the Dean of Libraries, members of the Libraries Cabinet, department heads, other faculty and staff in order of years of service. When space is unavailable in a core lot, assignments will be made to peripheral lots.


Faculty and staff, upon request, may be placed on a waiting list in Administrative Services to obtain a core lot space.


Recently-hired department heads who are parking in peripheral lots will be offered space in core lots in order of their seniority when such space becomes available through faculty or staff leaving the Libraries and/or voluntarily relinquishing their permit. In all other instances, the waiting list of those faculty and staff who wish to move into a core lot from a peripheral lot as space becomes available, will be used.


Volunteers who work in the Libraries are assigned by Parking Services to a peripheral lot at no charge. Administrative Services provides them with validation stickers to park in the Euclid Lot. Retirees are also given free parking in peripheral lots through Parking Services.


All visitors to the Libraries are encouraged to park in the Euclid Autopark. Administrative Services will provide them with validation stickers.


Vendors need to park near the Libraries occasionally to work on equipment. Administrative Services has one vendor permit which is available by request and must be signed out. It is the responsibility of the vendor to return this permit after use.


Business permits are available to employees assigned to any lot who wish to park temporarily in another lot for Libraries business. They can only be used in conjunction with a regular parking permit.


Short-term, close-in parking may be arranged for those who are temporarily disabled due to accident or recent surgery. Temporary handicapped parking permits require an Application for Disability Parking Privileges form, with an accompanying Physician’s statement.


Arrangements may be made for group parking to accommodate several quests who attend meetings or other special library functions.


During special campus events such as the CU football games, parking in lots surrounding the stadium is restricted even to valid permit holders. Parking is permitted in the peripheral lots and on Pleasant Street west of Macky Auditorium.


Assistance with or questions regarding any parking matters should be directed to the Libraries’ Parking Liaison, Administrative Services, 2-8684.


revised 2/20/1996