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Libraries Policies:
     Personal Mail Policy

The services provided by the Libraries Mail Room are governed by the United States Postal Service (USPS) Private Express Statutes, State Fiscal Rules, Colorado Utilization Facilities (CUUF) Policies, and CU Board of Regents Policies. The Mail Room receives, sorts, and distributes an average of 4,000 pieces of incoming USPS and campus mail daily. Your help is needed in keeping non-University mail out of the campus system by adhering to the following governing rules:

  • Personal mail, including bills, magazines, etc., is to be sent to the home address rather than to the campus address.
  • Campus mail may not be used for personal party invitations, advertising, chain letters, propaganda, or non-University business.
  • Personal stamped mail cannot be mailed in the Mail Room mail sacks, as these sacks are for metered mail only—the stamped mail is rejected and held up at the Bulk Mail Center in Denver.

Personal mail may be deposited in the three USPS boxes located on campus: in front of the UMC on Euclid Avenue near Broadway; near the loading dock on Regent Hall’s east side; and on Colorado Avenue in front of Gamow Tower.

revised 4/5/1996