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     Purchasing Policy

equests for supplies, various kinds of equipment, and furniture are routed to Administrative Services in different ways depending primarily on how routine the purchase is and the dollars involved.


At the beginning of each fiscal year, each division compiles a list in priority order of proposed capital expenditures (items costing $500 or more either individually or in aggregate). These lists are reviewed by the cabinet and approximately 2/3 of the capital equipment money in the annual budget is assigned to the highest priorities for the Libraries. The remainder of the capital equipment money is used for replacement/renewal of worn-out or obsolete equipment and to provide ergonomic furniture recommended by Risk Management. It is necessary to use a standard equipment request form with order information and the appropriate associate director's signature to start the order process.


The Storekeeper maintains an inventory of frequently used, relatively inexpensive items in the Supply Room. They are available to departments upon request. Items not routinely stocked should be requested on the same form as used for capital equipment and with the same signatures. Memos or catalog listings and illustrations should be attached to provide more information about the request. Purchase of these items will depend on the Libraries budget for the year and the urgency of the need.