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     Libraries Student Employee Computer Use and Confidentiality Policy

The Libraries Student Employee Computer Use and Confidentiality Policy is a companion policy to the Campus and State employee computer/electronic resources use policies.  It applies to all Libraries’ student and temporary workers.  Workers should know about laws and policies that apply to the use of campus technology.




This policy’s purpose is to ensure that every student/temporary worker and volunteer understands and agrees to abide by specific guidelines for software/hardware, security, program and application use on Libraries-provided computers, systems and networks.  These guidelines help to protect the Libraries’ computers, systems, data, and communications from unauthorized access and to guard against loss of data and violations of copyright laws.  All use of the organization’s desktop computers, notebook PCs, servers, and Internet communications must conform to the guidelines presented in this policy.


Student and temporary workers are in the unique position of having access and use of software and hardware, network services, Internet access, and applications provided by the Libraries as a means of increasing productivity, enabling electronic communications, transacting business, and fulfillment of job responsibilities. Workers must understand that services, programs, and applications are not provided for non-business activities or private use.  Furthermore, workers have the obligation to keep ALL accessed data and information about users, computers, network devices etc. CONFIDENTIAL.  At the same time, illegal or criminal activities observed by workers must be reported to a supervisor.


Student/temporary workers shall not use the Libraries’ computers, Internet access, and network or e-mail services to view, download, save, store, receive, or send material related to or including any of the following:

  • Illegal activities
  • Offensive content of any kind, including pornographic material
  • Content that promotes discrimination on the basis of race, gender, national origin, age, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, or disability
  • Threatening or violent behavior
  • Gambling or wagering
  • Commercial messages
  • Religious, political, or racial messages
  • Messages that misrepresent yourself or the organization
  • Disclosure of passwords and software license keys


Further, no worker shall electronically store, share, reveal, or otherwise transmit or distribute sensitive, proprietary, or confidential information including passwords, user data, computer, or network layouts without prior authorization by a supervisor of the Libraries Systems and Technology Department.

Acknowledgment of Libraries Student Computer Use and Confidentiality Policy
This form is used to acknowledge receipt of, and compliance with, the Libraries Student Computer Use and Confidentiality Policy.


Complete the following steps:

  1. Read the Policy
  2. Sign and date in the spaces provided
  3. Return a copy of this signed document to the Libraries’ Systems and Technology Department manager


Your signature attests that you agree to the following terms:

  • I have received and read a copy of the Libraries Student Employee Computer and Confidentiality Policy and understand and agree to the same.
  • I understand that violation of policies could result in termination of my employment and legal action against me.


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Approved by the Libraries Council October 23, 2008

Approved by the Libraries Cabinet November 20, 2008