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Policy for Graduate Student Study Carrels

Checkout policy
Graduate student study carrels are checked out on a first-come, first-served basis. Carrels are checked out for one semester at a time. Grad students who check out a study carrel during Fall semester have the option of renewing that same carrel for Spring semester, during an announced renewal period between Fall and Spring semesters. Students are allowed to check out only one carrel at a time.


Types of study carrels
Beginning Fall semester, 2009, there will be two types of study carrels available for graduate student checkout.


The new study carrels in room N310 on the 3rd floor of Norlin are SHARED carrels, split between morning and evening hours. Each carrel will be checked out to one graduate student from 8 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday, and to another graduate student from 4PM to Norlin Library closing time. Arrangements for weekends, holidays, intersession periods, etc., when hours are different must be worked out between the two students sharing the carrel. The Access Services Department/Circulation Desk is not responsible for policing hours, resolving disputes, etc. Abuse of any carrel policies may, however, result in loss of access to the new study carrel room. New study carrels have two lockable cabinets, one of which will be given to each of the two students who have checked out the carrel. Keys to these cabinets will be provided by the Circulation Desk.


The old study carrels in rooms N520 and N524 on the 5th and a half floor of Norlin are checked out to one INDIVIDUAL. Note that these carrels are not wheelchair accessible, and have no lockable cabinets.


Approved in Libraries Council on 3/19/09


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