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      Analyzing Microform Sets -- Purchased Copy

  1. Background

    Microform collections such as Landmarks of Science and Early English Books are valuable components of the Libraries' collections. Their usefulness is only partially realized, however, if cataloging records for individual documents in the sets are not included in the online catalog. The process of providing such cataloging records is called "analyzing". The records themselves are "analytics".

    Many microform sets are analyzed by publishers of the collections, who make cataloging data available for purchase along with the microforms themselves. Many other sets have been analyzed by libraries or groups of libraries, and cataloging data is available for purchase through other agencies. A major supplier of cataloging data for microform sets is OCLC, through its Major Microforms program.

    Major Microform cataloging has these advantages:

    • Data is of generally high quality
    • Data is in MARC format, suitable for
    • Purchased data can be made available in the local online catalog as soon as a dataload can be
    • On average, individual cataloging records cost less than 10% as much as local copy cataloging would cost.
  2. Policy

    A. To the extent possible, CUB libraries includes analytic cataloging records for microform sets in the online catalog.

    B. To the extent possible, analytic cataloging records for microform sets are purchased from an outside source, such as from the publisher or from the OCLC Major Microforms project.

    C. Machine-readable microform set analytics are purchased using funds from the materials budget. The purchase of microform analytic cataloging records is considered analogous to purchasing materials access through membership in OCLC.

    D. When considering purchase of a new microform set, the bibliographer should investigate availability of analytic cataloging data, and consult with the Head of Cataloging or Head of Serials Cataloging regarding usefulness/usability of available data.

    The purchase request for a new microform set should be accompanied by a purchase order for analytic cataloging data, if such data is available, and has been determined through consultation, to be acceptable for cataloging purposes.

    Analytic cataloging records are paid from the same fund used to pay for the material being analyzed.

    E. To the extent possible, analytic cataloging data is purchased for already-owned microform sets for which no such records exist in the online catalog. Bibliographers are encouraged to recommend purchase of cataloging data for already-owned microform sets that are underutilized because of absence of analytic entries in the online catalog. The bibliographer should consult with the Head of Cataloging or Head of Serials Cataloging regarding usefulness/usability of available data. For materials that would be cataloged outside Technical Services (e.g. sound recordings, Chinese materials), the bibliographer should consult with the person responsible for the cataloging of the materials. Analytic cataloging records acquired retrospectively from OCLC are paid from the OCLC fund. The appropriate fund for other retrospective purchases is determined by the Collection Development Librarian.

    F. If analytic cataloging data for a microform set can be obtained from an outside source, cataloging is not performed locally. Possible reasons for making an exception to the policy include: high cost, poor-quality or non-compatible cataloging, and partial coverage.

Additional Descriptors: Microform Analytics; Major Microforms Program