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      Bibliographic Network Use in Cataloging

  1. Policy

    The University of Colorado Libraries cataloging units use OCLC as the primary source of bibliographic and authorities copy.

    The usefulness of OCLC as a source of bibliographic copy depends on the cooperation of all OCLC members to contribute bibliographic records for materials not already on the database.

    By policy, all cataloging produced by the University of Colorado Libraries is contributed to the bibliographic network, either in the form of holdings attached to an existing record, or original records contributed.

  2. Exceptions

    Certain categories of materials have in the past been cataloged locally only, without attaching holdings to existing OCLC records, or without contributing records to the OCLC database.

    • No new categories of such materials will be created.
    • New items belonging to such categories are to be added to the OCLC database
    • When existing local cataloging is revised or retrospectively converted, cataloging is added to the OCLC database
    • Every reasonable effort is made to add records to OCLC for pre-existing local-only cataloging.

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