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Libraries Policies: Cataloging Policies
      Cataloging in the Local Catalog

  1. Policy
    All cataloging records contributed to the University Libraries' online catalog must conform to standards and practices of that catalog.

    While not all cataloging will be performed at the same level (see LEVELS OF CATALOGING), and not all records will have the same data elements, the data that is included must not conflict with data or practice for the catalog as a whole.

    • e.g., Headings used must be those established for use in the local catalog
    • Access points must be provided in accordance with standards and expectations of the local catalog (see ACCESS POINTS ON BIBLIOGRAPHIC RECORDS)
  2. Rationale
    The object of this policy is to assure that the catalog is as predictable, as comprehensible, and as usable as possible.

    A library catalog is a complex construct designed to serve a variety of interests. Practices that may seem to serve one particular clientele or type of material may interfere with the usability of the catalog for other clienteles. Expectations built up by practices applied to only some materials may contribute to catalog unpredictability and user frustration. Practices introduced for any category of material or any cataloging unit must be made with full consideration of the impact on the catalog as a whole.

    Variations from general catalog practice, no matter what unit is performing the cataloging, fall under the purview of the Principal Cataloger.

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Additional Descriptors: Cataloging standards; Standards -- cataloging; online catalog standards


Reviewed by Council 10/19/1994