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Libraries Policies: Cataloging Policies
      Accompanying Electronic Media

This policy covers primarily CD-ROMs, compact discs, DVDs and computer discs that accompany print publications.  It replaces the Policy for Preparation and Circulation of Books and Serials with Accompanying Electronic Materials of September 1997.

  1. Books and accompanying electronic media will be kept together wherever feasible although it is recognized that Public Services units will make processing decisions based on their own unique circumstances.  For many of the same reasons, accompanying discs that are actually full-text added formats of the print resource will be shelved with the primary piece.

  2. All electronic media that will be retained with the print volumes or issues will be marked with call numbers and CU property marked.  Electronic media of questionable value, which accompany serial volumes or journal issues, will be sent unmarked until a retention decision is made. Given our low loss rates for these types of materials, system-wide, routine security stripping will not be done.

  3. For monographs, with the agreement of the bibliographer and/or branch librarian, all accompanying CDs that are passworded will be discarded, and all references to passworded Websites and/or CDs will be removed from a book and its bibliographic record.

Approved in Council December 18, 2002