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      Genre Terms Policy

Genre terms are used to express what the material is rather than what it is about. 


In Chinook, Genre index includes both genre headings and form subdivisions (subfield v) of LC subject headings (e.g., Diaries, Biography):


  • 600, 610, 611, 630, 650, 651 [second indicator blank and 0]  subfield v
    655 [second indicator blank, 0 and 7]     all subfields except 6w234 


  • 600-651 subfield v remain in LC subject index.
  • 655 are removed from LC subject index


I. Genre Thesauri to use


  • LCSH, GSAFD, RBMS controlled vocabularies
  • Local genre headings
    • Prefer LCSH over GSAFD or local headings

Local genre headings should be limited to:

  • CU Boulder theses and dissertations
    • e.g., Theses -- CU Boulder -- ¬†Anthropology
  • Foreign language films
    • e.g., Motion pictures, French
  • GIS data
    • e.g., Digital spatial data

II. Assignment of Genre Headings


  • Genre headings are only assigned for video recordings, graphic novels, cartographic materials, rare books and Special Collections materials, and CU Boulder theses and dissertations.
  • Genre terms in the records for individual works of literature are retained, but are not assigned by CU catalogers.


Created 12-2-09, rev. 2-18-10
Approved by Council 2-18-10