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      Location of Materials

  1. Definition of Call Number Blocks
    The University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries includes a variety of locations to which materials may be assigned. In order to make location of materials as predictable as possible to library users, and to facilitate processing, materials that are classified using Library of Congress Classification are assigned by "block" to particular locations, based on their classification number.

  2. Classification for Block
    Materials are not specifically classified or reclassified in order to assure their location in a particular block (i.e. for a particular location).

  3. Out-of-Block Materials
    Exceptions to block location are allowed for compelling reason. Thus, in addition to materials that "fall within block", individual Libraries locations may also contain some items, such as reference titles or certain other ancillary materials, whose call numbers do not fall within the block of numbers normally assigned to that location. Because by policy the Libraries holdings constitute one unified collection, and because financial and other considerations limit acquisition of duplicate materials, items located "out-of-block" are often the only copies of the titles held by the Libraries.

  4. Authorization for Assignment Out-of-Block
    In general, materials are assigned to block location during cataloging by virtue of the classification number appropriate to the subject content. Location of an item out-of-block requries specific instructions from the librarian responsible for the non-block location, and approval from the librarian responsible for the block.

  5. Blocks by Location
    New materials are assigned to location by block as follows (designations are for Library of Congress classification numbers or prefixes):

  6. Art/Arch: N (all) , TR, TT
    Business: HD1 - HD81, HD2321 - HD4800, HD9000 - HG199, HG1500 - HG9999
    Earth Science: GB - GC, QE
    Engineering: T - T995, TA - TP, TS
    Math-Physics: QA - QC
    Music: M (all)
    Science: BF, GE, Q, QD, QH - S
    Norlin: A - BD, BH - GA, GF - HC, HD82 - HD2320, HD4801 - HD8999, HG200 - HG1499, HJ - LT399, P - PZ, T1953 - T1994, TX - Z

  7. Blocks by LC Classification Number

  8. A - BD Norlin M Music
    BF Science N Art/Arch
    BH - GA Norlin P - PZ Norlin
    GB - GC Earth Science Q Science
    GE Science QA - QC Math-Physics
    GF - HC Norlin QD Science
    HD1 - HD81 Business QE Earth Science
    HD82 - HD2320 Norlin QH - S Science
    HD2321 - HD4799 Business T - TP Engineering
    HD4800 - HD8999 Norlin TR Art/Arch
    HD9000 - HG199 Business TS Engineering
    HG200 - HG1499 Norlin TT Art/Arch
    HG1500 - HG9999 Business TX - Z Norlin
    HJ - LT399 Norlin    

  9. Materials not classified in LCC
    Materials not classified in Library of Congress Classification are assigned to location according to instructions from bibliographers.

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