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Medical Emergencies: On the Job Injury Procedures

Please follow the procedures provided here if you have an accident at work or if you experience health problems related to your physical surroundings at work:

  1. In an emergency, please call 911 and go to Boulder Community Hospital.  

    If it is non-emergent, please call Arbor Occupational Medicine -- 303-443-0496 -- and go to their Boulder office located at 1690 30th Street in the King Soopers Sunrise Center.

  2. Regardless of a need for medical attention, you (or your supervisor if you are unable) should complete and submit an online incident report form as soon as possible.

    See https://www.cu.edu/content/fileclaim

  3. Please print a copy of this completed form and bring it or mail it to Lucy Zellar in Administrative Services.

    Administrative Services should be informed immediately regarding any on-the-job injury or health-related incident.