How to Request Repairs in University Libraries:

Is a chair broken? Look on the bottom to determine the make and model of chair. If you know when the chair was purchased, let us know that too. Chairs less than a year old are usually under warranty, and we can have the company repair or replace it for no cost. Please call Shelley Joy at 2-3989, or e-mail to

Is other furniture broken or not working properly? Again, please provide as much information as possible, when contacting Shelley.

Is a microform reader/printer not working properly? Contact Michael Riberdy in the Media Library.

Is computer equipment not working properly? Send an e-mail message to lib-help, (lib-help@Colorado.EDU) providing as much information as you can for the Systems people to help you. Borrow someone elseís computer to send the message if yours is not working.
PLEASE NOTE that sending an e-mail is the quickest way to receive help.

Is a typewriter not working properly? Write down the CU Tag # and the Serial Number. Contact Dan Davidson in Administrative Services and provide him with as much information as possible.

Is your telephone not working properly? Contact Rani Machoi in the Systems Department via e-mail at


Phone No.ís:

Dan Davidson 2-6698, email:

Shelley Joy 2-3989, email:

Systems: e-mail to lib-help at

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