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Journal Contents

Journal Volume 1 (1991)

1:1-19 Primus, Constance, Erich Katz: The Pied Piper Comes to America


1:20-36 Root, Deane, The 'Mythory' of Stephen C. Foster or Why His True Story Remains Untold


1:37-46 Dox, Thurston, Samuel Felsted of Jamaica


1:47-60 Kearns, William, Symposium: Why American Music?

The Hutchinson Family: An American Tradition in Nineteenth-Century Popular Music, Linda Davenport * American Folk-Song Scholarship at the Turn of the Twentieth Century and its Effect on Defining an American Music, Larry Worster * The American Wave of the 1930s and 1940s, Deborah Hayes * Choral Music During the 1930s, Kay Norton * American Music Since World War II: Music as a Commodity, Daniel Jones * "Darkest America": Some Remarks on Personal and National Identity, Dennis Loranger

1:61-62 Kroeger, Karl, Billings at Boulder: Doctoral Seminar Explores His Music


1:63-67 Swenson-Eldridge, Joanne, AMRC Collections Enhance Course Offerings


1:68-72 Perkins, Melody J., A Survey of the AMRC's Hillbilly Record Collection


1:73-74 Norton, Kay, The Normand Lockwood Archive As an Overview of His Career


Journal Volume 2 (1992)

2:1-4 Riis, Thomas L., Why American Research?


2:5-22 Kroeger, Karl, The Life and Music of Merit Woodruff: An Early American Psalmodist


2:23-52 Walker-Hill, Helen, Music by Black Women Composers at the American Music Research Center


2:53-67 Carter, Nancy F., Early Music Publishing in Denver: The Tolbert R. Ingram Company


2:68-85 Loranger, Dennis, Women, Nature and Appearance: Themes in Popular Song Texts from the Turn of the Century


2:86-110 Porter, Susan, Performing Anglo-American Opera: Why and How?


2:111-115 Ray, Sister Mary Dominic, The American Music Research Center: Some Vignettes from the Early Dominican College Years

Journal Volume 3 (1993)

3:1-2 Kearns, William, Remembering Susan Porter: 1941-1993


3:3-8 Bruns, Steven M., George Crumb in Prague and Boulder 1992: A Tale of Two Festivals


3:9-39 Bruns, Steven M., 'In stilo Mahleriano': Quotation and Allusion in the Music of George Crumb


3:40-49 Riis, Thomas L., A Conversation with George Crumb


3:50-64 Kroeger, Marie, The Federal Music Project in Denver: 1935-1941


3:65-77 Levine, Victoria Lindsay, Two Colorado Sources of Spanish New Mexican Music


3:78-111 Koegel, John, Spanish Mission Music from California: Past, Present and Future Research

Journal Volume 4 (1994)

4:1-3 Riis, Thomas L., Remembering Sister Mary Dominic Ray (1913-1994)


4:5-21 Worster, Larry, Cecil Effinger and the Musicwriter


4:23-30 Kroeger, Karl, The Church-Gallery Orchestra in New England


4:31-75 Orr, N. Lee, John Hill Hewitt: Bard of the Confederacy


4:77-97 Zychowicz, James L., The Odyssey of Kurt Weill's 'Ulysses Africanus'

Journal Volume 5 (1995)

Special Issue on the Music of Native Americans

5:1-4 Romero, Brenda, Preface [to Special Issue on the Music of Native Americans]


5:5-36 Cook, Bruce, Cultural Metaphor and Music: A Syncretic Bicultural Teaching Experience in a Navajo High School


5:37-55 Teskey, Nancy, and Gordon Brock, Elements of Continuity in Kwakiutl Traditions


5:57-69 Mullins, Steve, 'Metric Modulation' or Drum Tempo Contrasts in Hopi Tradition Dance


5:71-81 Browner, Tara, A Reexamination of the Peji Waci


5:83-96 Dominguez, Susan, Zitkala-Sa (Gertrude Simmons Bonnin), 1876-1938: (Re) discovering The Sun Dance

Journal Volume 6 (1996)

6:1-47 Abbott, Lynn, 'Do Thyself a no Harm': The Jubilee Singing Phenomenon and the 'Only Original New Orleans University Singers'


6:49-68 Robinson, Lew, The Morris E. Dry Collection of American Popular Music: A Personal Recollection


6:69-87 Pohly, Linda, Barbra Streisand and the Theatricality of Popular Song: Vocal Technique and a Director's Eye


6:89-107 Richardson, Jerry, B. B. King: Analysis of the Artist's Evolving Guitar Technique


6:109-146 Sampsel, Laurie, Samuel Babcock: A New England Psalmodist Suspended Between Tradition and Reform

Journal Volume 7 (1997)

Special Issue on Longfellow and Music by H. Earle Johnson

7:1-2 Riis, Thomas L., Editorial Preface [to Special Issue: Longfellow and Music by H. Earle Johnson]


7:3-6 Hedges, Bonnie, Biographical Note and Foreword [to Special Issue: Longfellow and Music by H. Earle Johnson]


7:7-98 Johnson, H. Earle, Longfellow and Music

Part I. The Musical Longfellows
Operas Heard by Longfellow Between the Years 1825 and 1879
Part II. The Musical Works Considered
Chronological List of Works by Longfellow with Musical Settings
Musical Compositions Based on Longfellow's Literary Works
Alphabetical List of Musical Titles

Special Issue on Longfellow and Music by H. Earle Johnson

8/9:1-4 Fink, Robert R., A Dedication to William Kearns and American Music


8/9: 7-17 Kearns, William, MUSA: An American Monument


8/9:19-34 Riis, Thomas L., The Glenn Miller Mystery: An Interview with William Suitts and Alan Cass


8/9:35-53 Downing, Ariel A., Music as Artifact: The Johnson County War Ballads


8/9:55-76 Sauer, Rodney, Photoplay Music: A Reusable Repertory for Silent Film Scoring 1914-1929


8/9: 77-88 Reagan, Ann B., 'Eugen Luening, German-American Musician' The Milwaukee Germans and die heilige deutsche Kunst (Holy German Art)


8/9: 89-106 Glover, Gisele, The Life and Career of Edward Boatner and an Inventory of the Boatner Papers at the Schomburg Center


8/9:107-138 plantenga, bart, Will There Be Yodeling in Heaven?

Journal Volume 10 (2000)

10:1-34 Composer Meets Critic: Selected Excerpts of the Jean Berger/Henry Pleasants Correspondence, 1962-1971


10:35-74 Sampsel, Laurie and Marcelyn H. D'Avis, Music at the Colorado Chautauqua: A Century-Long Tradition


10:75-92 Wrobel, David M., Western Themes in Contemporary Rock Music, 1970-2000: A Lyric Analysis


10:93-98 Waltz, Howard, Music Library Landmarks in Colorado


10:99-106 Volpe, Cassandra M., Brief Collection Descriptions of the American Music Research Center Archives


Index for Volumes 1-10

Journal Volume 11 (2001)

11:1-13 Schrader, Art, Guittars and Guitars: A Note on a Musical Fashion


11:15-33 Everett, William A., Formulating American Operetta in 1924: Friml's Rose-Marie and Romberg's The Student Prince


11:35-45 John, Antony, Songs and the Audience in Early Movie Musicals


11:47-53 Cook, Lisa M., Book Review: William B. Bradbury, Esther, the Beautiful Queen

Journal Volume 12 (2002)

12:1-9 Betz, Marianne, American Women as Operatic Characters: Puccini's Fanciulla del West Versus Chadwick's Marietta in The Padrone


12:11-23 Kinzer, Charles, "Just a Little While to Stay Here": Louis Armstrong and the Brass Bands of New Orleans


12:25-55 Locke, Brian, "The Periphery is Singing Hit Songs": The Globalization of American Jazz and the Interwar Czech Avant-Garde


12:57-71 Kroeger, Karl, Leonard Marshall and Early American Psalmody


12:73-92 Kearns, William and Cassandra Volpe, Normand Lockwood: An Active Final Decade


12:93-97 Norton, Kay, Normand Lockwood: A Singular Composer's Life


12:99-102 Romero, Brenda, Book Review: Victoria Lindsay Levine, Writing American Indian Music: Historic Transcriptions, Notations, and Arrangements


12:103-107 Swenson-Eldridge, Joanne, Book Review: Barbara Bailey-Metz, Rayner Taylor: Chamber Music

Journal Volume 13 (2003)

13:1-4 Smith, Catherine Parsons, Troubled Island: A Symposium Introduction [to special issue on William Grant Still's Troubled Island]


13:5-23 Smith, Catherine Parsons, "Glory is a Passing Thing": William Grant Still and Langston Hughes Collaborate on Troubled Island


13:25-36 Kernodle, Tammy L., "Sons of Africa, Come Forth": Compositional Approaches of William Grant Still in the Opera Troubled Island


13:37-59 Murchison, Gayle, Was Troubled Island Seen by the Critics as a Protest Opera?


13:61-64 Shirley, Wayne, Two Aspects of Troubled Island


13:65-90 Lamb, Earnest, An African-American Triptych

Journal Volume 14 (2004)

14:1-5 Cook, Susan C., American Sounds and British Sensibilities [introduction to special issue on British-American musical-cultural exchange]


14:7-25 Chybowski, Julia, The "Black Swan" in England: Abolition and the Reception of Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield


14:27-52 Graber, Katie J., "A Strange, Weird Effect": The Fisk Jubilee Singers in the United States and England


14:53-75 Ross, Ryan, "They Dance No Sarabande": Constant Lambert, The Rio Grande, and the American Exotic


14:77-92 Olson, Jenni Veitch, "We Go Together": Nostalgia, Gender, Class, and the London Reception of Grease: A New '50s Rock 'N' Roll Musical


14:93-96 Keister, Jay, Book Review: Yayoi Uno Everett and Frederick Lau, editors, Locating East Asia in Western Art Music