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Duplication & Use Policy


Waltz Music Library Special Collections and American Music Research Center

This policy covers duplication and use of materials held in the Waltz Music Library and the American Music Research Center (AMRC).


The University of Colorado Libraries (“the University Libraries”) staff will make copies for patrons (e.g., photocopies, scans, digital photos, etc.). See the current price sheet for the costs of various types of reproductions. Prices include the cost of reproduction, and an administrative fee where appropriate. The University Libraries reserves the right to charge postage. All charges need to be paid in advance.


Current CU Boulder faculty, students, staff, and AMRC Fellows may request exceptions to photocopy recent publications in good physical condition. Such exceptions must be approved by the Waltz Music Library Faculty Director on a case by case basis.


The number of items to be duplicated, as well as the type and quality of the copy provided, will be determined by the Waltz Music Library Faculty Director on a case by case basis. In no event will University Libraries staff permit entire collections or sub-collections to be reproduced.


Copies are for research and other scholarly purposes only, and are not to be published or reproduced in any medium, including digital reproduction, without prior permission. The University Libraries also requires that users include a credit line along with any use of the materials, e.g., publications or presentations.


The University Libraries will charge use fees for non-educational commercial purposes. See the current price sheet for use fees. The University Libraries charges a use fee based on its ownership of the physical materials in its collections; this fee represents NO claim to copyright (see Property Rights and Copyright Law) to any of the materials in question.  Payment of the use fee does not constitute, and should not be viewed as, permission by the copyright holder to reproduce works that are copyrighted.  Users must determine on their own if the use they intend to make of University Libraries materials invades copyright, rights to privacy, or other rights.  For information and guidelines on fair use of copyrighted material, see http://www.colorado.edu/copyright/usingcopyright/fairuse.html


As owners of the materials to be reproduced, the University Libraries gives no exclusive rights to any publisher or author, makes no warranties or representations, and assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any claims against those reproducing University Libraries’ materials or against the University of Colorado by an artist or photographer, his/her agent, estate or any other party in connection with the reproduction of materials in the collection of the University Libraries.  Additionally, those reproducing materials agree to indemnify the University of Colorado and hold it harmless against any and all such claims, including copyright infringement claims, royalty or fee demands and/or actions, including attorney fees and all other costs thereof, arising as a result of their reproduction of materials in the collections of the University of Colorado Waltz Music Library and American Music Research Center.


This use policy also applies to images available on the University Libraries’ webpages, including the Digital Sheet Music Collection and the Ben Gray Lumpkin Digital Folk Music Collection.