UCB Libraries



Use of Collections

Using the Archives at the American Music Research Center:
  1. Please leave any bags, briefcases, coats and purses outside of the Office/Reading Room

  2. Fill out a researcher registration form for every visit

  3. Take notes in pencil, pens are not allowed in the Office/Reading Room

  4. Researchers are allowed to examine up to three boxes of material at a time

  5. Digital or 35 mm photographs may be allowed subject to the staff’s judgment as well as copyright restrictions. Photocopying is done only by American Music Research Center staff and at their discretion. Fragile items will not be copied.

  6. Handle materials with extreme care, and leave them in the order in which they are provided.

  7. These materials are made available for study use only. It is your responsibility to know and abide by statutes covering copyright and fair use for publication from these sources, literary property rights, and right-to-privacy.

  8. Separate application must be made to this department for permissions to photocopy and permissions to publish. Duplication fees and some use fees may apply.