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The primary mission of the Archives, University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries, is to collect, preserve and make broadly available original source materials of enduring historical significance. The Archives' goal is to acquire materials on a broad range of subjects concerning the following principal subject areas: Western Americana, Politics, Labor, Environmentalism and Peace & Justice.

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The Archives serves as the repository for the Boulder Campus and the University System Administration of the University of Colorado.


The Archives' objective is to serve as a repository for materials of international, national, state and local interest to the research community and the general public.


The US Navy Japanese/Oriental Language School Archival Project
The Archives maintains and preserves the legacy of the US Navy Japanese/Oriental Language School, located at CU Boulder from 1942-1946.


Brakhage Center for the Research and Study of Creative Experimental Cinema/Media Launched
A collaborative endeavor involving Film Studies Professor Daniel Boord, the Archives, and the Department of Art and Art History has launched a new Center in honor and memory of the pioneering work of Stan Brakhage, internationally renowned experimental film maker.


Conference on World Affairs (CWA) Digitization Project | Archives/CWA joint web site
The Archives and the Conference of World Affairs (CWA) at the University of Colorado have launched a collaborative pilot project to digitize selected tapes of key national and international speakers spanning thirty-five years of CWA history (1959-1994).


  • E-mail and fax research requests must be accompanied by a name, postal address, and telephone number.
  • Photocopying and audio-visual reproduction services are available. Copyright restrictions may apply to selected collections. Please check with the Archives staff for further information.
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    A collaborative project between the University of Colorado System and institutions of the Auraria Higher Education Campus, provides centralized access to locally created digital collections as well as additional resources for teaching, learning, and research.
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