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The Plutonium Files Collection
The research files used by Eileen Welsome for her Pulitzer Prize winning book, The Plutonium Files.
Received: May 2000.


Blair, Frank A.
The papers of Frank A Blair, 2nd accession, Colorado land owner, irrigation specialist, and former Army officer.
Received: June 2000.


Rodeck, Hugo
Papers of Hugo Rodeck, Professor of Biology (1928-1971) and Director of the University Museum (1939-1971) at the University of Colorado.
Received: August 2000.


Levine, Solomon
The academic papers of Solomon Levine, graduate of the WWII US Navy Japanese/Oriental Language School. He spent his career as an economics and Asian studies professor at the University of Wisconsin.
Received: November 2000.


Seidensticker, Edward L.
The diaries of Edward L. Seidensticker, graduate of the WWII US Navy Japanese/Oriental Language School and prominent professor and postwar translator of Japanese literature.
Received: January 2001.


Marr, John W.
The academic papers of John W. Marr, professor of biology, as well as the initiator and long-time director of the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research.
Received February 2001.


Rose, Edward
An addition to the Edward Rose Collection. Rose was a prominent professor of sociology. Received: June and September 2002


Hanson, Robert C.
Papers of Professor Robert C. Hanson of the Sociology Department and Institute of Behavioral Sciences.
Received: July 2002.


Martell, Edward A.
Scientific Papers of Edward Martell, scientist at the National Center of Atmospheric Research and expert on the environmental hazards of Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant.
Received: April 2003.


Levy, Marion
Academic papers of Professor Marion Levy, graduate of the US Navy Japanese/Oriental Language School, long-time director of Asian Studies at Princeton University,
Received: July 2003.


Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center
Addition to the pacifist Boulder activist organization.
Received: June and July 2004.


Cross, Charles T.
Professional papers of Charles cross, graduate of the WWII US Navy Japanese/Oriental Language School, career Foreign Service Officer, diplomat and Asia expert.
Received: August 2004.


Vigil, Ernesto
Organizational papers of Ernesto Vigil, prominent, early activist in the Denver Chicano movement.
Received: August 2004.


Stebbings, James
Professional records of James Stebbings, Sc. D., of Midwest Epidemiology Associates, on medical testing.
Received: November 2004.


Woodbury, Roger
Civil War, Cuba, and Colorado diaries of Roger Woodbury, Denver Pioneer Businessman and early University of Colorado Regent.
Received: February 2005.


Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
3rd Accession of the Geneva headquarters of WILPF, the almost century-old international women’s peace organization.
Received: August and December 2005.


Colorado Chapter, National Organization of Women
Organizational records of the Colorado chapter of NOW.
Received: September 2005.


Faller, James
Scientific papers of James Faller, JILA fellow, on Lunar Ranging.
Received: November 2005.


Colorado Federation of Women’s Clubs
The organizational papers of the Colorado Federation of Women’s Clubs, of which the Boulder Women’s Club was a member organization.
Received: December 2005 and January 2007

Rocky Flats Coalition of Local Governments
The organizational papers of RFCLG, a coalition of seven member county and municipal governments concerned with the environmental impact of Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant. Received: January 2006.


Environmental Information Network
Records and papers of the EIN, an informational center on Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant and its deactivation and decontamination.
Received: April 2006.


Parker, Harrison
Professional papers of Harrison Parker, graduate of the WWII US Navy Japanese/Oriental Language School, USAID official and career expert on Indonesia.
Received June 2006.


International Association of Limnology
Scientific and organizational papers of the International Association of Limnology, donated by the Center for Limnology, CIRES, at the University of Colorado at Boulder.
Received: July 2006.


Ira Current Photograph Collection
Ira B. Current (1910-2009) was an authority on color print theory and technique. He was also University of Colorado alumnus, author and photographer, and photography expert. The collection contains Current’s photographic prints, slides and negatives.
Received: September 2006.


James Stanley Brakhage Collection
The expansive collection not only reflects Brakhage’s development as independent and individual film artist, but also his collective and significant influence upon all arts in the decades of experimentation 1950s to the ongoing moment. Materials include correspondence to and from filmmakers, writers, musicians, fine artists, critical theorists, intellectuals, and major and minor personalities diverse. Commentaries, articles, photographs, performance posters and programs, both collected by and sent to Brakhage, chronicle unfolding milieu. Drafts, manuscripts, and variously acquired objects d’art, further contribute to the comprehensiveness of this unique collection. In addition, Brakhage’s lecturing and academic endeavors, spanning forty years at institutions such as the School of Chicago Arts Institute, Rice University, and University of Colorado at Boulder, are well represented via printed matter, notes, and audio recordings. The Collection also holds a significant portion of Brakhage’s personal library.
Received: September 2006.


Rocky Flats Citizens’ Advisory Board
Organizational papers of the major citizen’s group that advised and watched the close down and environmental clean-up of Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapon’s Plant.
Received: November 2006.

William C. Himmelmann Collection
William C. Himmelman was a prominent Denver labor official and Denver City Councilman. His papers and other material relate to his years as a labor leader and Denver City Councilman.
Received: August 2007.


James Stone Papers
James Stone was appointed chairman of the Rocky Flats Clean-up Commission in 1989. The collection contains all of the original papers that the Clean-up Commission collected, as well as all of Stone’s documents and evidence from his attorney, relating to the cleanup of the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant.
Received: September 2007.


David L. Jarrett Photograph Collection
David Jarrett specializes in fine art (gallery work), travel and exterior architectural photography. His interest in photography started at the University of Colorado, where he was chief photographer on the Coloradan yearbook for three years. At that time he concentrated on available light candid photography, scenes and architectural images. This collection contains photographs of the University of Colorado in the late 1950s and early 1960s.
Received: November 2007.

Resource Center of the Americas
The Resource Center of the Americas is a non-governmental 501(c)(3) organization, founded in 1983 in response to the wars in Central America and the need to circulate information. Working with the people of Central America, the Resource Center began educating and organizing concerned citizens around another reality, relying on first-hand accounts from El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua, reports from delegations returning from Central America, and news that escaped the mainstream media. In the early 1990s the organization broadened its mission as new challenges began to present themselves in the form of globalization.
Received: in 2008.


Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment Reading Room,
Donated by the Rocky Flats Cold War Museum, the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment Reading Room contains 210 linear feet of publications regarding Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Facility.
Received: October 2008.


Ken Salazar Papers
Ken Salazar served as Senator for the state of Colorado from 2005-2008, before being appointed to Secretary of the Interior by President Barack Obama in 2008.  Senator Salazar’s papers consist of his Senate staff files during the 109th and 110th Congresses, from approximately 2005 to 2008.  The papers mainly deal with defense, energy and natural resources, immigration, health care, finance, and judicial matters.  They also contain correspondence to the Senator, schedule charts, briefings, books, and personnel files from 2005-2009. The papers are closed until 2034, except by donor permission.
Received: April 2008.

Nancy Wertheimer Papers
Professor Nancy Wertheimer was an epidemiologist on the faculty at the University of Colorado from 1957 until at least 1989. Her research focused primarily on the correlation between exposure to magnetic fields and various forms of cancer. The collection contains research materials including correspondence, raw data, maps, etc.
Received: February 2009.


James Zarichny Papers
Life-long Boulder leftist, socialist, labor and political activist, James Zarichny was a member of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). He was also a target of McCarthy period anticommunist investigations. His collection contains his military and activist correspondence, records, publications, and photographs.
Received: November 2009.

Jeffrey Limerick Papers
Boulder architect, Jeffery Limerick taught and wrote on architectural matters and headed Jeffrey W.  Limerick Aia Architecture in Boulder, Colorado. It was a private company, established in 1993 and incorporated in Colorado. The collection contains his plans, sketches and drawings.
Received: January 2010.


Martynas F. Ycas Collection
Professor Martynas Ycas was a biochemistry and microbiology professor at Syracuse University who conducted a correspondence with George Gamow, physics professor at the University of Colorado. Both were members of the famous RNA Club. The collection contains their correspondence and photographs regarding RNA research and the club.
Received: May 2010.


Gregory Franta Collection
Gregory Franta was the chief architect at Rocky Mountain Institute and Colorado architect of the year in 1998. He was also known for his work with the Clinton Administration to make the White House more energy efficient. Heading the institute's "Built Environment Team," Franta "has been recognized as an international leader in designing sustainable, high-performance buildings and communities," according the RMI's website. His collection consists of architectural plans, drawings, and sketches.
Received: June 2010.


Western Cine
Western Cine Film Laboratory of Denver, Colorado, for the past 30 years, was extremely active in motion picture film preservation and restoration. 95% of their work was in the area of film preservation, although they had worked minimally with small restoration projects. Their lab has worked with Columbia Pictures (Sony Entertainment), Universal Pictures, the International Museum of Photo at George Eastman House, Southern Methodist University, and the Archives of the City of New York, as well as independent producers and other clients. They worked in both 35mm and 16mm black and white and color, and they handled both nitrate and safety film base on a regular basis. The collection consists of Western Cine’s business records.
Received: August 2010.


James Haug Collection
James Haug, an alumnus of the University of Colorado, was Reference Librarian in the John Wesley Powell Library of Anthropology of the Smithsonian Institution. His collection contains his research materials and files used for his dissertation on Gorilla dentition.
Received: September 2010.


Michael Glantz Collection
Director of the Consortium for Capacity Building, INSTAAR/ University of Colorado,
Michael Glantz’s research relates to African drought; desertification; food production problems and prospects; societal impacts of climate anomalies related to El Niño events; the use of El Niño-related teleconnections to forecast these impacts; developing methods of forecasting possible societal responses to the regional impacts of climate change; and
the use of climate-related information for economic development. Glantz has long been interested in how climate affects society and how society affects climate, especially in how the interaction between climate anomalies and human activities affect quality of life issues. The collection contains his research material, professional correspondence, and publications.
Received: September 2010.

CU Cyclotron Files
The Cyclotron building was initially built with Colorado state funds in 1957, matched with an Atomic Energy Commission grant to build the cyclotron in 1958. Later to be called the Nuclear Physics Laboratory, Science Learning Laboratory, in 1960 it was the first such device between St. Louis and the West Coast. In 1962, the cyclotron produced a beam of hydrogen nuclei. The cyclotron's 85 ton magnet accelerated particles of hydrogen, carbon and other matter and hurled them against the nucleus of atoms to smash them. Physicists were exploring the means and manner in which atoms could be smashed. The machine also produced radioactive materials for other research. Research was funded by AEC and NSF grants, employed CU physics faculty. The collection includes their entire office files.
Received: June 2011.


Elias George Theros Collection
Dr. Elias Theros, prominent radiologist, Navy doctor, was a graduate of the WWII US Navy Japanese/Oriental Language School, located at CU from 1942-1946. These are his WWII papers, records, and publications.
Received: July 2011.


Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi  Papers
This collection highlights the activities and interdisciplinary knowledge of the founder of the Jewish Renewal Movement. This collection (created ca. 1945-2005) includes: 5,000 manuscript pages, 500 audio cassettes, 500 photographs, 50 VHS tapes, and 25 posters and advertisements covering subjects as diverse as Jewish mysticism, Hasidism, spiritual eldering, interreligious dialogue, psychology of religion and paradigm shift.
Received: August 2011.


K. D. Timmerhaus Papers
Dr. Klaus D. Timmerhaus was a member of the CU chemical engineering faculty from 1953 until the 1980s. He became associate dean of engineering for research and graduate programs in  1963.  Dr. Timmerhaus Received: the B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Illinois. Before joining the CU faculty, Dr. Timmerhaus was employed as a process design engineer for the California Research Corporation (now Chevron Research). The collection consists of Professor Timmerhaus’s academic and professional papers.
Received: September 2011.


Rabbi Leah Novick Papers
Rabbi Leah Novick is a spiritual teacher and counselor whose work focuses on the Divine Feminine and Kabbalah teachings. Materials document her work since her ordination in 1987 and her contributions to the Jewish Renewal Movement (Aleph Alliance).
Received: October 2011.


Holy Beggar’s Gazette
Former editor of Holy Beggar’s Gazette, Steven Maimes, donated a complete set of this journal published in San Francisco between 1972 and 1977. A publication of the House of Love and Prayer founded by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach in San Francisco 25 years ago featuring Hassidic Jewish wisdom expressed in stories.
Received: October 2011.


Ann Roy Papers
Ann Roy, American artist, activist, poet, feminist and student of liberation theology who lived in Mexico from 1958 until her death in 2006.  She founded a women's textile cooperative in Marfil, Guanajuato, and taught at Ivan Illich's CIDOC (Centro Internacional de Documentacion) in Cuernavaca where she was the first to give a course in Mexico on Women in Mexico. She also collected images of women in Mexico and created a slide show called "What the Devil Happened to the Goddess?" She translated into English a book about the Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua (Los Tambores de Monimbo by Cesar Arias), and continued to gather and translate testimonies from Nicaragua and the Zapatistas under the nom de plume of Fair Witness.
Received: November 2011


Dr. Rudi Nussbaum Collection
Dr. Rudi Nussbaum was an avowed pacifist and Holocaust survivor and an expert on the health effects of radiation exposure. His research and activism as a Professor Emeritus of Physics and Environmental Science at Portland State University was instrumental in bringing attention to the health effects of radiation exposure.  He composed numerous papers on Hanford’s health hazards and participated in gathering valuable information on workers and civilians who were exposed to radiation both at Hanford and in surrounding communities. The collection contains his research and papers regarding the health problems posed by the Hanford site.
Received: November 2011.