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During the past twenty years, the Archives has enjoyed considerable success acquiring the collections of labor unions and individual labor organizers. Denver, Colorado became a major regional and international headquarters for labor organizations. When these labor organizations began to require archival services or began to contract organizationally, their papers were sought out by the Archives.


These materials include: diaries, correspondence and papers of Colorado labor organizers; organizational labor union files on the international, state, district, and local levels; labor publications, newspapers and newsletters; and the papers of companies and managers who were concerned with labor relations. Diaries, journals, and correspondence record the development of the labor movement in Colorado, the West and the United States. Mining papers, company ledgers, files, correspondence, journals, and records of early mine owners reflect the attitudes of management. The records of local, district and international labor unions document the state of the labor movement, the growth of labor organizations, internal struggles, strikes, grievances, and the state of the particular industry.


The Archives contains papers dealing with labor relations in the mining, oil, iron and steel, typographical, mailing, carpentry and other industries. These collections contain constitutions, bylaws, minutes, membership rosters, grievances, publicity materials, photographs, newspaper clippings, dues records, information on labor disputes, legal files and financial receipts. Through these documents one can track the expansion and contraction of the labor movement in the twentieth century.

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