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Collections: Peace & Justice


Originally built on the international papers of the (WILPF), the Archives peace collections include an array of papers from individual activists, local groups, and international organizations. Of primary interest are the collections of international peace organizations, such as the three accessions of WILPF, the World Peace Council and the International Peace Research Association. Related to these large organizations are the collections of Kenneth Boulding, Elise Boulding (WILPF and IPRA) and the Carol Pendell (WILPF), lifelong peace advocates, organizers, and scholars. In addition, the papers of Carl Eckhardt, David Hawkins, Edward Rose and Omer Stewart and other University faculty reflect enduring interest in peace and justice issues.

University of Colorado records contain a wide array of material regarding the student protest at CU against the Vietnam War. The Papers of the President’s Office, the Vice President for Student Affairs, Media Relations, Draft Counseling, and the Faculty Council hold voluminous records on student activism.


Following the Vietnam War, Colorado pacifists embraced the anti-nuclear movement of the 1970s and 1980s. The Archives holds the papers of individual activists such as Roy Young, Chet Tchozewski, Mary Hey and Kathy Partridge, who helped found the Rocky Mountain Peace & Justice Center as well as other allied efforts. The papers of the American Friends Service Committee/Colorado Peace Network and the American Friends Service Committee/Rocky Flats Project and the Colorado Freeze Voter demonstrate the degree to which the anti-nuclear crusade was first and foremost a pacifist struggle.

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