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How to Donate

Donors always retain access to the materials they have donated to the Archives. The donation of papers allows donors unrestricted access to their collection, free guides to their collection, free research privileges by Archives staff and student assistants into their collection, and inexpensive photocopying in their collection in a on-going relationship between donors and the Archives. New accessions from a donor are added to that collection and new guides are provided to donors when their new materials are organized.


  • We will provide shipping labels.

  • You do not have to sort anything at all. Our staff will organize them following receipt of your materials.

  • We will catalog the materials in national and international academic databases for easy use.

  • You will always have ready access to any of your materials via telefax or overnight mail.

We provide the strictest security for any materials you designate as sensitive. Access to such materials is provided only with prior approval from you.


For more information on access to Archives collections, please contact the Curator:

Bruce Montgomery
University of Colorado at Boulder
184 UCB
Boulder, Colorado 80309-0184
Phone: 303-492-7242
Fax: 303-492-3960
Email: Bruce.Montgomery@colorado.edu