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American Historical Association, 129th Meeting, (January 2-5, 2015)

AHA Session 68 “Contested Archives”, Seizure, Exploitation, and Restitution of Saddam Hussein’s Archive of Atrocity, Saturday, January 3, 2015, Bruce Montgomery, University of Colorado Boulder. This panel brought archivists and historians together to talk about an issue of great common interest: what happens when archives sit at the center of political controversies. Focusing on the cases of recent Iraq, post-genocide Rwanda and Algeria following decolonization, the panel’s three scholars will explore different ways that these controversies have unfolded.  In so doing, they will also raise issues about how historians and archivists are crossing the disciplinary bridge that separates us, relating the issues that archivists face to those that historians face.


Remembering Glenn Miller
Spenser Case, National Review, December 15, 2014

While we’ll never know what he would have given us had he survived the war, his music still finds appreciative listeners. Fans are especially excited that the Glenn Miller Archive is in the process of digitizing recordings of Miller band performances, some of which are in excellent condition and haven’t been heard since the original broadcasts. Alan Cass, Curator of the glenn Miller Archives, told National Review Online that he is optimistic about the prospect of releasing new albums based on these recordings. Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/394660/remembering-glenn-miller-spencer-case


Big Band Legacy of Guy Lombardo may have found a Home
Mary Wozniak, News-Press.com, December 6, 2014

A home for the legacy of the late, great bandleader Guy Lombardo may finally be on the horizon. Gina Lombardo, niece of Guy Lombardo, said the family is talking with a big band organization from Lamar, Colo., to house a huge cache of music, films and memorabilia that has been lying in two Fort Myers storage units for more than 40 years.

Meanwhile, the University of Colorado Glenn Miller Archive and American Music Research Center also is interested in the items, which include at least 100 Manila envelopes stuffed with original, hand-written band orchestrations; at least 40 boxes of reels of 35 millimeter tapes, plus many loose, large reels of 16mm tapes of the band's 1950s TV show.


Iraq Kurds collect history at CU, want 'new Israel' Kurdistan
Bruce Finley, The Denver Post, September 30, 2014

A Kurdish delegation in Colorado retrieving cached documents detailing Iraqi persecution say Kurdish fighters can provide the increasingly sought ground force to defeat the Islamic State — because this will help Kurds gain independence and be "the next Israel." A cache of 18 tons of Iraqi documents seized in 1991 has been stored for more than 20 years in CU archives at the request of the U.S. Senate and Kurdish officials. Archives director Bruce Montgomery, who led the project, said some 3,000 boxes were kept safe for much of the time in a rented warehouse east of the CU campus.The documents detail Iraq's persecution of Kurds.

CU-Boulder to give Kurdish Delegation Critical Historical Documents
Mike Lamp, Colorado Public Radio, September 29, 2014

A delegation from Iraqi Kurdistan is getting back a critical part of Kurdish history that was taken out of the region more than 20 years ago, and ended up in Colorado.   It’s a cache of Iraqi Secret Police records, discovered during the First Gulf War in 1991. They were digitized and ended up at CU Boulder in the late 1990s. - See more at: http://www.cpr.org/news/story/cu-boulder-give-kurdish-delegation-critical-historical-documents#sthash.9YJnYZNC.dpuf


John Barrymore Trove gives "I Hate Hamlet" more than a Ghost of a Chance
By Lisa Kennedy, Denver Post Theater Critic, July 10, 2014

Roxxy Duda stepped onto the University Theatre stage one recent Sunday to introduce a matinee performance of "I Hate Hamlet." Yet, the 24-year-old assistant director and dramaturg for the Colorado Shakespeare Festival's production of Paul Rudnick's deliciously sly comedy struck gold when she went mining the University of Colorado at Boulder archives for information about actor John Barrymore, who plays a lead role in the production. In 1962, the family of one-time Denver Post journalist Gene Fowler began donating his papers to CU-Boulder. Fowler attended for a year but left to aid his family. He was given an honorary masters degree by the university in 1947.


Glenn Miller Disappearance gets PBS "History Detectives" Treatment
Joanne Ostrow, The Denver Post, July 2, 2014

If you've spent much time in Colorado, you are likely aware of Glenn Miller's rich local history, his high school in Fort Morgan, his time at the University of Colorado (where the Glenn Miller Ballroom remains a vibrant tribute), the Glenn Miller Archive at CU and the mystery surrounding his death.


CU receives large, Rare Holocaust Collection
9news, March 19, 2014

The Harry Mazal Collection is said to be the largest, privately-held collection of Holocaust materials in the world. And now, a large part of it will be coming to the University of Colorado campus. "We could not have assembled an archive like this by ourselves," CU Faculty Director of Archives and Special Collections Bruce Montgomery said. The collection comes from collector Harry Mazal, who lived in San Antonio, Texas. Mazal died in 2011. In decades prior, he made it his life's work to collect as much material as he could on the Holocaust.


David M. Hays, “The Interpreter: From US Navy JLS/OLS Archival Project Newsletter into a Veteran/Alumni Long-Range Conversation”,
Remembrance, Summer 2014.


David M. Hays, “The US Navy Japanese/Oriental Language School Archival Project”,
Remembrance, Fall 2013, 8-9.


David M. Hays, “The US Navy Japanese/Oriental Language Programs”, Remembrance, Summer 2013, 10-11.


Whitney Bryen, "CU Archivist to Present on Iraqi Wartime Documents: University's Digital Archives include Iraqi Secret Police Files", Boulder Daily Camera, February 16, 2012, 3B.
February 15, 2012

Bruce P. Montgomery, Professor and Faculty Director of Archives and Special Materials at CU, will present at a round-table discussion, "Archives in Wartime: From World War II to the Invasion of Iraq" at the Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars in Washington, DC, on February 24, 2012.



CU's Glenn Miller Archive Acquires One of World's Best Big Band Era Collections February 21, 2011

The Glenn Miller Archive at the University of Colorado Boulder American Music Research Center has acquired one of the world's most significant collections of Big Band Era recordings and memorabilia. The Ed Burke Collection – named for its shepherd and founder – contains approximately 1,400 reel-to-reel tapes containing hundreds of hours of live radio programs featuring virtually every musician of major importance during the Big Band Era. See more at: http://www.colorado.edu/news/releases/2011/02/21/cus-glenn-miller-archive-acquires-one-worlds-best-big-band-era-collections#sthash.HZHgeKhs.dpuf


Stan Brakhage materials discovered at the NY Museum of Modern Art to be returned to University Libraries Archives
by Bruce Montgomary
October 27, 2010


The Congressional Reforms Archive
by Bruce Montgomery 
September 24, 2010

In one of the Archives many collaborative efforts, we are currently working with Political Science Professor Scott Adler to develop a new project, The Congressional Reforms Archive. The goal of the collection is to put together the papers and documents of individuals who have been closely involved with reform efforts on Capitol Hill and make them available for researchers working on institution change in Congress. We are mainly focused on congressional staffers, policy advocates, think tank analysts, and the like.


So far we have received papers of two key congressional staffers, and we are close to having a commitment from other noted policy analysts at the Congressional Research Service. In addition, we are currently working with Congressional Quarterly (CQ) in Washington to digitize portions of the collection and link important documents with CQ coverage of historical periods of reform.


Government Secrecy and the Archival Profession
Richard J. Cox, Reading Archives, April 11, 2009 http://readingarchives.blogspot.com/2009/04/government-secrecy-and-archival.html

On Friday, April 10, 2009, Bruce Montgomery, Associate Professor, University of Colorado at Boulder, presented a talk at the University of Pittsburgh School of Information, on "From Richard M. Nixon to George W. Bush: Government Secrecy and the Archival Profession." Bruce P. Montgomery is Faculty Director of Archives at the University of Colorado at Boulder.


CU Archives hold intrigue and important materials for scholars
by Annie Scott, sophomore, Psychology
Inside CU, Tuesday, September 22, 2008


Seeking the Truth About a UCB Inscription
by William Weber, University Museum, CU-Boulder
Silver and Gold Record, March 20, 2008


CU presidents had offices in Old Main, Macky, Regent
by David Hays
Silver & Gold Record, June 22, 2006

Their Records, Our History
by Bruce P. Montgomery 
The Washington Post, Sunday, March 6, 2005; Page B04


Yellowstone Park Drawings Preserved By CU-Boulder Students During 10-Week Summer Project 
August 25, 2004

Ceremony, Plaque To Honor CU-Boulder's WWII Navy Language School Participants
November 6, 2002

Professor Emeritus Edward Louis Rose of sociology at CU-Boulder died on June 8, 2002. He was 93. 
September 5, 2002

Colorado Japanese Language School Graduates Recount War Experiences At CU-Boulder June 8, 2002
June 3, 2002

CU-Boulder Hosts 60th Reunion Of U.S. Navy Japanese/Oriental Language School June 7, 2002
May 30, 2002

Please note: The Human Rights Collection -- including Amnesty International and Soviet Jewry -- is no longer a part of the University Libraries Collection.


CU Acquires World of Insight: Nadia White, Gift Confirms Norlin as Destination for the Study of Global Abuses
Daily Camera, January 22, 1999, 9C. 


CU to Record Emigration of Soviet Jews
The Denver Post, November 12, 1997, 1B, 4B.


CU Unveils Jewry Archival Project
Boulder Daily Camera, November 12, 1997, A1, 11.


Brown donates papers, gets award
Boulder Daily Camera, February 27, 1997: B-1


Schroeder Papers to provide revealing look at bygone era
The Denver Post December 13, 1996: 2B


Schroeder presents papers: documents spanning 24 years given to CU Archives
Boulder Daily Camera, December 13, 1996: B-1


Papers donated to CU
Rocky Mountain News, December 13, 1996: 44A


CU libraries to accept Schroeder's archives: representative's files hold a quarter-century of political documents
Rocky Mountain News, October 23, 1996: 25A


CU to get Schroeder archives
Boulder Daily Camera, October 23, 1996: C-1


CU archives to video Soviet Jewry activists: International Soviet Jewry Video Interview Project
Intermountain Jewish News, August 30, 1996: 14