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ENVD 1004 - Introduction to Environmental Design Theory 

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Your Assignment

1. Find an example of a major land policy which governs the way we use land—locally, regionally, nationally, or globally. Examine this policy through a major philosophy of land, a way of thinking about land more generally (e.g., Aldo Leopold's Land Ethic). How does the specific policy hold up? Is it ethical or unethical, and why?


To find out the effects, criticism, and analysis of your land policy, books can be a reliable source that will cover the topic broadly.


One strategy is to limit to the Art & Architecture collectin. You can also use subject headings like "land use"

Library Catalogs


Chinook is the catalog for books and other materials owned by the CU Libraries. Articles are not in Chinook. Search for more broad subjects.



If you search Chinook and find that the CU Libraries do not have the item you are looking for (or if the item you are looking for is checked out), you can search Prospector, which is a combined library catalog of 23 libraries in Colorado and Wyoming. Once requested, the items will generally be delivered to Norlin within a few business days.


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Finding Articles & Magazines

Articles will be a good source for finding the effects, criticism, and analysis of land policies..


Try broad searches for the type of policy you are investigating. There may be no articles on your exact policy or any that analyse from an ethical perspective, and that's okay!


Use the "Find it at CU" button to search for full text. If there is no digital version available click "Document Delivery/ILL" to request a scanned PDF be e-mailed to you.

Article Databases

Proquest Central

A broad multi-disciplinary database of articles, it also includes newspaper articles that will help you determine local reactions to your policy.


Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals

The primary resource for finding architecture, planning, and design articles.


Environmental sciences and pollution management

A great database for articles on land policies from an environmental perspective.


Need more databases? Check out all our databases organized by subject here.



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Sources for Land Use Polcies



Need help finding a Land Use Policy?

Contact the Government Information Library for more help: govpubs@colorado.edu


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Cite your Sources!

Inline citations and a bibliography are required. The correct number of citations is the number necessary to make your argument, no more and no less.

My preferred citation style is Harvard. I have uploaded a Harvard citation-style guide onto D2L, along withthis assignment sheet.

Formatting Citations

Here are two useful guides to citing in harvard style:



Automate your Bibliography

There are several programs available that allow you to save citations you find on the web and automaticaly generate bibliographies. Using them at the outset of your research means you won't have to go back. These are huge time savers!
Citation Managers


A Firefox plugin that easily captures citations from library catalogs and article databases. Integrates with Microsoft Word and OpenOffice to generate bibliographies, footnotes, and in-text citations.



Stand alone software that allows you to organize your citations, add pdf's, and annotate. Integrates with word processing software.


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